Video Review: Noah Cyrus & Labrinth “Make Me (Cry)”

In her apartment, Noah Cyrus watches her boyfriend sleep.

Labrinth sits on the edge of bed, his girlfriend fast asleep, in his apartment.

As she sits on the edge of the bed, she looks into the distance and then back to her boyfriend. She pulls her knees up to her chest and bites her lip.

Labrinth leans over to look.

She rolls her head along the side of her boyfriend’s thigh. She rests his head on butt.

Labrinth walks to his girlfriend’s side of the bed. He puts his hand over his head.

Cyrus kneels by the edge of the bed and closes her eyes.

They both crawl on the bed to their significant other. Cyrus rests her head on her boyfriend’s elbow. Labrinth tries to kiss his girlfriend on the cheek but she rolls over. He spoons her and puts his head to her cheek.

The split screen shows Cyrus, on the left, her elbows on the bed, putting he head down in frustration while on the right, Labrinth has returned to sitting at the edge of the bed.

She heads to the window and sits on the couch. Labrinth moves the curtain a tad but prefers to see through the material. He lies down on the couch. She does the same, resting her hand on her stomach.

A split screen shows them both on the couch.

They both get up. Cyrus shakes her head. She hangs out by the bed and runs her hand down her boyfriend’s back. He gives his girlfriend a kiss on the shoulder.

He walks around the bed, his arms crossed. She tears the sheet off the bed and knocks over a chair. He wrings his arms. She calms herself down the window. However, both Labrinth and Cyrus begin to toss things around the their respective apartments again. Cyrus takes a breather by the kitchen sink.

Split screen returns to show Cyrus and Labrinth both sinking to the floor.

He returns back to bed and kisses his girlfriend on the stomach. Meanwhile, Cyrus is silently screaming at her boyfriend from the kitchen. She returns to bed and places her hand in his.

Split screen shows them staring at their significant other and then resting their heads on the bed. Then, they both sit on the couch and look out the window.

Rating: 2/5

Noah Cyrus and Labrinth are united in their misery. In each scene, they are both resentful, overcompensating and upset. However, since they feeling the same emotions at exactly the same time, there is nothing to differentiate them from each other.  The only nuance between them is that Labrinth is sensitive and prefers to pretend while Cyrus’ emotions are all over the place. She’s feisty and expressive, feeling everything and nothing.

Cyrus’ side is the compelling one, though. She is the first one to show her anger and as well exhibit tenderness, apologizing to her boyfriend after her silent tirade against him. She telegraphs what she is thinking with her mannerisms and distinctive positions she places herself.

While Labrinth choosing to force himself to be in love gives insight into how he’s coping with the loss of Cyrus in his life, his lack of emotion is troubling. He’s difficult to read and has shut himself down. It’s realistic but in the process, it seems as though he hasn’t figured himself out, which have been a factor in the breakup with Cyrus.

Some variation would’ve let the characters breathe. Labrinth is limited by having his reaction seem be the same as Cyrus’, which makes him cowardly instead of being in denial.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2016

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