Video Review: Tiffany “Feelings of Forever”

Against a rose pink sky, Tiffany and her friends, including her boyfriend, walk on the beach.

Present day, she grips the white fence and leans her head against it.

In a film reel, Tiffany puts her arm over her head as she stands against a blue background infused with smoke. It returns to her at the fence.

The blue background is given a full screen as Tiffany sings. The background turns pitch black and as an ice white fire burns.

In black-and-white, Tiffany and her boyfriend slow dance on the beach. Then, she and her friends walk around the beach again.

Against the blue background, Tiffany sings in between clouds of smoke.

In black-and-white, Tiffany and her boyfriend sit on the blanket, talking.

The film reel returns with Tiffany against the blue background.

On the beach, her friends watch the sun set over a tangerine sky. After a brief check-in with her against the blue background, it switches to a blood orange sky with reflective rays from the outgoing sun. On the beach, Tiffany and her boyfriend hug. It fades back to the blue background. There, the smoke curls above her.

It changes to the film reel, where the background changes to an oak brown and returns to its blue.

Following the blue background, a fire burns a boombox.

In black-and-white, the campfire burns as she and her friends talk.

Against the sky burns a fiery orange, Tiffany and her friends walk to the shore. The flame takes over the screen, turning it orange. Back in the blue background, Tiffany puts her arm over head and into her long hair.

Under a lapis sky, she and her boyfriend dance.

Rating: 4/5

In the breakup, Tiffany lost more than her first love. She left behind a group of close friends who took her  ex-boyfriend’s side. It’s a life that is no longer hers and one she wishes to forget.

The fire acts as the state of Tiffany’s mind. As the fire moves from scene to scene, it detonates her memories. It eventually torches the screen. However, she keeps one memory of them cuddling by the sunset, although it’s bittersweet. It was the last great time they had together.

Through the use of color, even the content memories have dark undertones to them. The sunset reflects a constant conflict and tension going on within the group. Somehow, it seems as though Tiffany didn’t fit in with everyone and was treated as extra. In the meantime, the experience has left her lost and depressed.

However, the video doesn’t trust that it will be able to convey the story in a smooth manner. The film reel may serve as a way to break up the monotony and transition the scenes. But it sticks out as a narrative crutch, breaking the mood to fill in some time.

Director: N/A   Year: 1988


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