Video Review: Bebe Rexha “I Got You”

In a fractured desert, Bebe Rexha dances in a golden dress, with an accompanying hood and robe. The wind blows the sheer material. She lies down on the sand and arches her back.

Next, she is wearing silver sunglasses, a black top with some circular patterns and black pants. She crawls on the bumper of the Jeep and dances on it.

Sitting next to water faucet, she is wearing black bedazzled fishnets with a matching cap. She runs her hands over the sand and her legs. Then, she bites her necklace.

As the sun sets, she dances by a tree wearing a nude bodysuit and oversized bomber jacket.

The water starts at a drip and then is pouring out as she smacks her butt.

With the sun even to the ground, she walks the desert wearing a long-sleeved red crop top and matching pants. A hood is added to the outfit. She raises her arms in the azure sky.

A spark of fire pierces the air and burns in a circle around her. The tree is aflame behind her.

Against a midnight sky, she listens to her Beats by Dre headphones. Then, dances in a glittery knee-high boots, nude distressed shorts and matching top with fringe.  Around her neck, she is wearing a star etched choker.

She dances in the red crop top and pants against the night sky.


Rating: 2/5

The golden dress with hood and robe has a mythical grace to it. It’s as though Bebe Rexha is a goddess undercover who is unable to hide her nobility with polished manners. Meanwhile the red crop top and pants could be from a fairytale. She is a post-modern Little Red Riding Hood, coy and mischievous. She is a woman who will fight against the wolves lurking in the corners.

The bedazzled fishnet outfit, though, is given a simple elegance  with the black bandeau top and pants underneath. The matching cap pulls it together, restraining the couture look from verging into cheap.

Unfortunately, none of the other outfits have the power to create another persona. Certain pieces of some of the outfits stand out, like the glittery boots and star etched choker. The black top and pants outfit along with the nude bodysuit are ordinary, discount clothes that can be found piled on a rack in a low-end retail store.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2017

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