Video Review: Maty Noyes “In My Mind”

In a motel room, a forest is seen on the tube television. Lit a sordid lavender, Maty Noyes sits in a flowered recliner while her boyfriend is on the bed, unable to look at her as he processes what she told him about her past.

Earlier in the day, lit in peach light, they were sitting cross-legged on the bed together. He was leaning into her and touching her face.

On the television, a circle of flowers spins around on the screen. She looks at her boyfriend, resentful of his views.

She runs her hand on the matching bedsheet with a squash colored pillow next to her.

The television shows Noyes with long hair in the forest. She runs, glancing back at the camera.

Her boyfriend gets up from the bed and begins arguing with her. He sits on the floor and she gestures to the back of the head, wringing her hands.

She sits at the end of the bed, flowers covering the entire room and then lies against them on the floor.

She lays in the bath tub as a rainforest, filled with flowers, grows inside. Her boyfriend moves a branch out of the way. The camera rotates as she sits on the grass with white petals spread out.

Back in the motel room, she turns the station  from her boyfriend searching for her in the forest to it being only her. She flips the station again, rolling over with a Coke bottle in her hand. Her boyfriend sits on the edge of the bed, arguing with her and then gets up once he’s bored. She sips her soda.

On the edge of the bed, she watches her boyfriend sleep, the colors subdued. She puts her packed bag next to her as she ties her shoes.

Her boyfriend steps on the bed, offering her a flower. She sighs and accepts it with a forced grin.

Back in the subdued motel room, she looks one final time at her boyfriend and then sits on the bed next to him.

She jogs in the forest.

Rating: 3.5/5

Vivid and full of life, the colors create a stunning visual palette. The precise shading and entrancing coordination set a mood for each section as it reflects the emotions going on within Maty Noyes.

The most breathtaking visual is Noyes in the forest. It evokes freedom and control in its parching dream-like state. Although she may run, he can catch up to her and still keep her in place with his opinion of her.

The flowers don’t ever become too much. They are arranged in a specific way, based on batches of one color to the next. In certain rooms, they change the emotion. In the motel room, it’s hopeful with its soft whites and reds. However, in the bathtub, the flowers have become darker, suggesting cynicism.

However, the sordid shade of lavender neon in the hotel room , which is trendy choice, clashes with the other settings. It suggests an excessive lifestyle and depraved morals, all of which Noyes is fighting against. It could be shame but given its universality, it has become difficult to attach it a new context.

Director: Dano Cerny  Year: 2016

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