Video Review: Shanice “I’m Cryin'”

In black-and-white, cabs drive down a New York City street. Along the street are rows of apartments. Inside her apartment bathroom, Shanice hugs her chest and looks down.

On the street, she rubs her cheeks with both hands and then her eyes.

She and her boyfriend used to pizza. She thinks of when they were walking and as he was taking a bite, his slice of pizza fell onto the ground. They both laughed.

Seagulls fly over the Hudson River as the World Trade Center stands out in the skyline.

She leans against a column with a plant nearby.

She and her boyfriend cuddled as they viewed the Statute of Liberty from the Hudson River.

Her image fades and reappears as she sits on her bed.

Her boyfriend holds her hand, helping her climb to get a better view.

While a fire burns in the fireplace, she reads a letter he once wrote her.

She and her boyfriend took a cab throughout the city.

With the lights off in her apartment, she stands underneath a tree.

Smoke blows out of the apartments.

A man hangs outside his apartment. A marquee states the weather.

Shanice hugs her chest again and looks down again.

She and her boyfriend walk down the street, talking. She shakes her head when he walks across the street.

Rating: 3/5

New York City is viewed through a local’s eyes in the video. When Shanice was dating her boyfriend, they walk downtown, past the local shops and historical buildings. One particular memory, stands out for her, though. It’s when they decided to be tourists for a day. They got on a boat and saw the Statute the Liberty from the Hudson River.

Her love for him is intertwined with the city. It’s their home and through his eyes, she saw the city in a new way. She began to see way many people view New York City as a dream and long to live there. For her, she stopped taking the sights for granted.

The black-and-white casts a dreary pall over the city. The sky is cloudy, the man hanging out his window is resigned and angered by his present situation and there is a chill in the air. The city won’t ever be the same for Shanice.

Director: N/A Year: 1992


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