Video Review: Troye Sivan “Wild (Version 1)”

On a granite mountain top, two boys fight.

The dark-haired boy drops his bicycle to the ground while the blond-haired boy runs off. They climb a tree. The blond-haired boy hangs from a branch. They sit on a branch and shout.

Troye Sivan holds onto his boyfriend, his head resting on his boyfriend’s back as they embrace.

The dark-haired boyjumps off first and the blond-haired boy follows. They walk, holding onto their bikes. Once they hit the street, they bike. The dark-haired boy says goodbye to the blond-haired boy and then enters his home. His walks onto the balcony and stares at his friend. The blond-haired boy looks up at him before he crosses the street.

The boys hang out at the dark-haired boy’s house. The dark-haired boy takes a tree limb and pokes various objects. The dark-haired boy’s father scratches his head and drinks liquor from the bottle. Meanwhile, the two boys play flick football outside on a table. In the afternoon, they watch their favorite show in the dark -haired boy’s bedroom.

On the beach, the families have a day trip. The dark-haired boy’s father throws a baseball to him and he blocks the ball with the bat. The blond-haired boy and his father have a rifle. The fathers introduce themselves to each other and people begin to set up. The blond -hair boy’s looks over his shoulder to see if anyone is watching and takes a swig from his bottle.

The blond-haired boy shows the dark-haired boy what he shot for dinner. Its cleaned and skinned. They chase each other on the beach.

One afternoon, they built a fort with a sheet. The blond-haired boy put clothespins on his fingers and pretended he was going to slash his friend’s face.

At the beach, the blond-haired boy’s father gets drunk.

They jump up and down in the fort then lock their spider-ringed fingers together.

The boys run on the pier. The blond-haired boy tells his friend it’s okay to jump. In unison, they jump into the water.

At the beach, the blond-haired boy’s father rubs his older son’s hair. He tries to swipe his father’s hand away and dodge. The dark-haired boy’s father asks him to stop. The blond -haired boy’s father gets in his face. The blond-haired boy pushes his father away and they leave. The dark-haired boy watches them leave as his father holds him close.

Sivan looks into his boyfriend’s eyes and kisses him.

Rating: 5/5

The boys lock their spider-ringed fingers together, closing their eyes. The blond-haired boys rubs the dark-haired boy’s finger. In that moment, the boys realize a  feeling even though they can’t explain it. The bond between them has gone from brotherly to love. However, it remains unspoken.

It was then that Troye Sivan (who was the dark-haired boy) realized something was different about him. He loved his best friend and spent every moment he could with him. Even at eight years old, he knew that he liked boys.

However, after the parents’ fight at the beach, they weren’t allowed to hang out together anymore. Sivan’s father said he didn’t want him around the blond-haired boy, fearing he would be a bad influence on him. In the back of his mind, he wondered if the real reason was his father suspected him being gay and wanted to keep the blond-haired boy away.

Growing up, he often thought of his friend. He wondered if his friend sobbed for months as he did when they were separated. He wondered if he ever came out to his father and then confessed his anger at losing his friend. Considering what he knows now, he wonders if his friend is safe where he lives or has stayed closeted due to fear.

Sivan shares the moment of realization, giving insight into something many people dismiss as a choice. It is subtle yet clear that the dynamic between the boys have changed. Class bears no distinction. Sivan’s family may be middle class but homosexuality was something unfamiliar to his parents. At the boys’ young age, it was something they wanted to deny.

Director: Tim Mattia Year: 2015

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