Video Review: Annie Lennox “Why”

Annie Lennox sits backwards in her chair, the lights on her vanity shining. She turns around and faces the mirror. She rubs her face and shoulders with her hands. With a brush, she applies the powder to her right and then left brow. She takes an eyebrow curler and closes the clamp on her left brow. She blows a feather and then puts her finger in her mouth, thinking.

With another brush, she begins with her right brow and then ends at her left cheek. She examines her face. She thinks of the many people who have been ticked off by her opinions.

She applies magenta eyeshadow over her eyes. With her white makeup on her face, she outlines her eyebrows and eyes in black. She opens her eyes wider to apply orange eyeshadow on her eye.

She turns around again in the chair and puts a feather boa over her shoulders. She puts the violet colored part of the boa over her head and then puts her head back, closing her eyes.

Fully made up and in costume, she touches her dangling silver earrings. The feather boas have been made into a headdress. She turns around in her chair again.

She poses on a vintage chaise as the camera flashes, forlorn and caustic. She manages a smile on her face and then plumps her lips. She removes one of her gloves and rests her arm on the shoulder of the couch. She lies back and faces forward in a routine manner.

She confronts the camera as the spotlight follows her. She blows a kiss and then approaches the camera.

Rating: 5/5

For the video, Annie Lennox’s Diva evaluates her career and questions the industry she once believed valued her.

The high-end fashion magazines have told her they are going in a different direction. The low-end magazines view her as a joke. There isn’t any work for her anywhere. She has to crawl and scramble for work.

Her strong opinions were once sought and the remarks solidified her career, not by the photographs she took or the clothes she wore. During the photoshoot, she thought of what she accomplished outside of fashion and how none of it is remembered. She is thought of now as someone with an entitled attitude who is difficult.

The novice photographer instructs her to “smile, at least once” and she obeys but adds some sarcasm to it. After the last directive to “just be stay still and follow my movements,” she snaps and defends herself. The photographer backs off and in that moment, sees a glimpse of her power the industry diminished.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 1992


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