Video Review: The Weeknd “The Hills”

A car has been overturned in a well-off suburban neighborhood. Smoke filters out through the windows. The Weeknd opens the front passenger door. On his hands and knees, he uses his elbows to find his balance and then stands up. His right side of the face is streaked with blood as he brushes off his shirt. He limps to other side of the car, calling out for the people still inside.

A woman, in long teal gloves opens the door. He unlocks the backseat and lets another woman out. He continues to limp as the teal gloved woman shoves him from behind, shouting at him. She puts her hands over her face, crying.

The car explodes and the woman flinches as she watches in horror. He walks up the driveway of a mansion. He opens the door and begins exploring the rooms. Study lamps flicker on the ground with some fabric underneath. The lights shut off as he circles it.

He walks up another flight of stairs, a tarnished golden light allowing him to him see.

A scarlet light covers his face as he enters a room. Inside are three people sitting on a couch. A man is holding an apple while two women sit alongside him. The Weeknd is shaken as the man judges him from afar.

Rating: 3.5/5

The Weeknd must face the consequences of his reckless behavior. He offered two women drugs and slept with them. He endangered their lives and still let the teal gloved woman drive, even though she was intoxicated. The teal gloved woman won’t ever forgive him.

He has stepped into hell. He doesn’t know how the man will punish him or how it involves the women. Their faces are familiar. He thinks of where he might’ve seen them. However, he is not one for lingering on details. Nonetheless, he is repentant and pleads for mercy, hoping the man will see the remorse in his eyes.

The ambiguity, for The Weekend and the viewer, provides the terror as he believes he is hoping to find someone who can call the police and help. But when he walks in the room, he knows it’s the end. The man is waiting for his soul and there is no one to save him.

Director: Grant Singer Year: 2015

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