Video Review: Omi “Hula Hoop”

Two women sit on their blankets on the beach, overlooking the Miami skyline. Meanwhile, a boombox plays a radio ad for OMI’s auditions to be a girl in one of his videos. Two women roller skate to a Jeep and bump fists with the guy inside.

On the pier, OMI dances as people ride by on their jetskis and boats.

A man breaks open a coconut. The women continue to roller skate on the boardwalk.

OMI sits at the center of the judges’ table. He whispers to his assistant after one of the women winks at him.

A woman holds a sign reading “Round 1.”

Women dance freestyle for the judges. A woman in an orange top and sky blue floral skirt gets OMI’s attention. Another woman in a pink top and black cutoff shorts also gets the okay for the next round.

It’s onto “Round 2” as the woman holds the sign by the judges’ table. The two women in contention dance next to each other. However, a woman wearing a red floral top and shorts also earns enough points to continue.

As Round 3 commences, the two women still in contention perform an elaborate dance routine. OMI points to the woman with the orange top.

After the contest, OMI dances by the pool, which is filled with women sunbathing and people splashing each other.

Inside his hotel room, he puts a bracelet on the women who won the contest. She is dressed in a white showgirl outfit.

He dances with some women by the pool.

Inside his hotel room, two other women perform with the woman.

He walks down the steps, leading to the pool and the woman follow him.

He and the women dance some more at the pool. The women, who won first, second and third place, smile at the camera.

Rating: 3/5

Miami, immaculate and pristine, is a haven for fun and a relaxed business environment. For OMI, the auditions are open and held outside in the fresh air. He wants the women to be comfortable and casual, free of any pressure.

The women trying to win his favor by flirting do not make it past the next round, neither are the ones who are adding inappropriate moves to the chaste choreography. The requirements are to be able to learn the routine and be friendly. The woman in the orange top smiles and exudes warmth. She is starstruck by OMI and grateful to be chosen.

OMI holds Miami up to strict standards, opting out of the often seedy and promiscuous portrayal usually favored by the media. With the baby powder white throughout the video, Miami is reborn as clean and competent. Its women are respected and given a chance, regardless if they trained at the local dance school in the suburbs run by their neighbor or by a college, specializing in a specific type of dance.

Director: Lenny Bass Year: 2015

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