Video Review: Taylor Dayne “Don’t Rush Me”

A grainy filter stays on Taylor Dayne’s leather shrug. She lifts up her microphone.  A woman wears a sheer veil over her face.

Dayne and her band perform the song during rehearsal. She smiles to herself, thinking of a joke she heard earlier.

Through a sepia toned filter, she admires one of her guitarists as he plays. She grins at her drummer during a break.

She puts her hand while singing. Her background singer puts her hand out also and dances.

Dayne makes sure one of her band members’ equipment is working. After finishing a song, she puts her hands in her pockets and looks around the stage. Her background singer gives her a playful shake on the shoulders.

A crowd begins to wave their arms as she performs in front of an audience.

A light turns from orange to blue. The blue light shines on Dayne. She dances by one of her guitarists and then to her second guitarist.

A fan in the audience pumps her arms towards herself. Another fan points his finger in the air.

The grainy filters returns again as she turns her head away.

Rating: 1/5

Taylor Dayne’s black leather shrug paired with a beaded corset and black pants is a feisty outfit that demands stiletto heels and a booming voice. Despite the required vocals, she has a businesslike stage presence. It’s understandable during rehearsal. However, once the audience shows up, she doesn’t try to shake their hand or sing close to them. She continues to sing as though they weren’t even there.

The first guitarist does manage to bring out her some of her personality, getting her to laugh while he plays the guitar. Nonetheless, she only seems to respond to the guitarist. Otherwise, she keeps her to herself. She does smile at one her background singers, who is full of energy and excitement. Camaraderie seems to exist but it’s tightly controlled to the point where everyone is separated into their corners.

Director: David Hogan Year: 1988


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One thought on “Video Review: Taylor Dayne “Don’t Rush Me”

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    Whole clip is fantastic and all participants are full of inspiration and energy. Old good 90ties. It’s so different from what we see now on stage… 🙁

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