Video Review: Jessica Simpson “Irresistible”

A traffic light flashes in the sky with Chinese lettering above it. Jessica Simpson’s face is on the moving billboards. A train rolls on a rail above, passing by several skyscrapers.

Inside a rectangular building, Jessica Simpson rides a glass elevator, which gives her a view of the never-ending high-rises, wearing a black leather crop top and pants. She walks on the metal floor as a ying-yang ball bounces. There are a few satellites in the room. She stops the ying-yang ball with her foot. It opens, counting down from 70 seconds until it destructs.

She slinks through a tunnel, where she walks in bare feet in the water. Her outfit has changed to a white tank top and short shorts with a wide belt. She lifts her arms up and a device takes her to a room full of mirrors. Men in black masks climb up the building.

In the room of mirrors, she dances, wearing a white crop top and no waist denim jeans. The ying-yang ball states 15 seconds. A man is able to enter and jumps onto metal bridge. The ying-yang ball states 0 seconds and the glass explodes.

On the helipad, she dances with the men in black masks, wearing a blue crop top and matching pants.

Back in the sky, her image is projected on some screens and another high-rise building can be seen. A helicopter whirrs overhead.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jessica Simpson, a well-known model in the city who advertises, enters a building for some late night dancing. However, she’s bait to attract the men wearing black, who have been planning to rob the building of its protected secrets.

However, the plot is secondary to her outfits, which are given far more detail and attention than any character development. The dark electric blue outfit at the end is sleek and classic. It’s mostly due to the sharp color and design as a high-end yoga outfit for the tech-addled yuppie practicing through a mandated relaxation time.

The black leather outfit, with its connotation of a sadistic spy modeled after Aeon Flux devoid of the feminism, births a nonexistent plotline, confusing who her character is supposed to be from the start.

In the room full of mirrors, the white crop top with no waist jeans, is a destination mall outfit, aimed to impress the crowds and remind the store clerks of their place. Casual yet snooty, its Simpson at her least relatable.

Nonetheless, the white crop top with gold dotted belt and white shorts, is the everyday pop star look, with its lopsided focus on the belt having more material than the shorts. However, during the era, various cuts and outfits could be bought at Forever 21 and Wet Seal. Some version of it could be found. The universality of the outfit deems it as low-end, lacking custom couture elements that make it unique to the video.

Director: Simon Brand Year: 2001


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3 thoughts on “Video Review: Jessica Simpson “Irresistible”

  1. I love this post! Looking back I totally think she’s fierce, back then it just felt kinda like a Britneyesque attempt no doubt forced by the record company….
    By the way may I just suggest perhaps making your site header bubblegum pink- like all out pink and borderline kitsch… Do you get what I mean?

    ?? Awesome site!!!! ??

    1. Thank you for all your comments and for reading! 🙂 I think it was suggested for her do it by her record company, too. It was such an abrupt switch.

      As for site design, I will think about the pink. However, any site redesign won’t be able to be completed until I’m able to get upgrade. I would like to make the picture bigger, too.

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