Video Review: Migos & Lil Uzi Vert "Bad And Boujee"

As smoke billows out of a sewer, a young woman steps out her car in black high heels, zebra striped pants and long-sleeved jacket paired with a black bralette. Her friend gets out of the passenger’s side, wearing a red minidress.

Quavo raps in the center of a rundown apartment building as the young woman (wearing the red minidress stands to the left) and the young woman in the zebra striped outfit is on the right.

The young woman in the red minidress sits by Chinese takeout boxes adorned with the Chanel logo.

Quavo and Takeoff, along with two ladies, enter a diner. A young woman in a fur coat pours champagne for Quavo with her Cup Noodles in a styrofoam cup beside her. Offset munches on some fried chicken. With her fork, she slurps the noodles as they fall from it and back into the styrofoam cup. They all toast to their newfound wealth. Takeoff smokes a joint.

Takeoff wipes his date’s chin with a designer napkin. Quavo pours himself some champagne. Quavo’s girlfriend picks out a piece of fried chicken from the plastic container.

Three women pass by the liquor store, wearing high-end gladiator heels and Moschino clothing. The woman in the red Moschino dress flicks her wrists as she enters through the door. They pose against the wall.

At the diner, Quavo pours the champagne onto the floor. Takeoff has a half-eaten container of chicken by him.

Takeoff and the young woman who was wearing a fur coat sit on top of a billboard. The young woman takes pictures of herself as Takeoff raps. Takeoff lights another joint.

Underneath the expressway, Offset does wheelies on an ATV. The women sit on the ATVs. Lil Uzi Vert stands in the center, wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt.

The group, along with Lil Uzi, Travis Scott and OG Maco drive the street with the ATVs. They turn down a corner. In a car, the young woman wearing a fur coat takes pictures of herself in the backseat of a car.

The three young woman walk forward from the car as birds fly above them.

Back by the rundown apartment buildings, Quavo raps with the women standing next to him. On the street, the group pops more wheelies and chase each other.

Rating: 3.5/5

Migos may have money but they haven’t forgotten their roots. They still enjoy fried chicken from the local fast food place and biking in the streets. However, they are able to afford to have champagne, if they want. The bicycles have been replaced with ATVS. But they have kept the spending modest.

However, the Chanel logo as the packaging on the food cartons is a nod to fashion history and a sign of respect for the industry, recognizing where couture started. For the group, it’s a sign that although their tastes have changed, they are still the same people. The Chanel logo, with its intuitive elegance, becomes a form of pop art rather than branding. The packaging wouldn’t be out of place in an art museum.

The video displays its eye for fashion. Moschino, which is known for its hideous pieces, has a choice piece in a fire engine red dress with black belt stating the label’s name. It’s a blue-blooded dress that seems to have found on the vintage rack of her grandmother’s closet.

Director: Daps Year: 2016

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