Video Review: Silentó “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”

Silentó dribbles the basketball, with streamers lined around him, decorating the basketball net.

In the high school gym, he dances in the center as people of all ages fill the stands.

He performs the “Whip,” which is written on the screen. Then he “Nae Nae’s,” which is written on the other side of the screen. The screen has split it into three screens featuring people performing the dance.

He sits in the basketball net with an Indian headdress on his head, while kids and teenagers dance.

Another split screen has him demonstrating the “Whip” again, which is split into three screens.

Back in the gym, a little girl in a tutu dances with him. Then, a mascot begins to perform the dance steps and the cheerleaders wave their pom-poms in air.

The next screen says “Watch Me” underneath him and it’s again divided into three split screens.

A guy has “Watch Me” etched into the back of his head. A girl arches her back while the teachers gasp, scandalized by the move.

Next, he demonstrates the “Stanky Leg,” which is written on the screen. The screen is split into four.

The teachers start waving their arms around, getting into the dance moves.

Then, another move called “Break Your Legs” is demonstrated and written on the screen with five split screens. A dance crew made up of middle-aged women performs it in the gym. It continues with another split screen of four.

He demonstrates “Bop,” which is written on the screen followed by four split screens. The cheerleaders for the other high school perform as well as some guys in food costumes.

It returns back to the “Whip.” The guy has Nae Nae etched into his head.

After another “Watch Me,” he demonstrates the “Superman” and the “Duff.” The teachers sing along and do the Duff.

It’s back to the “Bop” again which the guy has etched in his head.

After a “Nae Nae,” the cheerleaders throw one of their people in the air and catch her.

He dribbles the basketball again and then joins the kids in the first row of the bleachers. He dunks the basketball.

Rating: 4/5

By providing a demonstration of The Whip and Nae Nae, Silentó creates an interactive video that will encourage people to watch over and over until they have learned the moves. The video functions as a tutorial

Everyday people, from kids to older adults are included. Footage of homemade tapes from fans dancing, showing that anyone can do it. He doesn’t limit to the dances to only “Watch Me,” the new dance created. He also includes the “Superman” from nearly 9 years ago and “Yule.” It’s not only considered a young person’s dance. Everyone is free to learn it without feeling like they are too old to do so.

It’s a twist on the aerobics videos of the 80s and dance craze songs of the 50s. The music video is utilizes both and adds modern split screens into it. After a couple viewings, a person receives an excellent workout and learns some new pop culture moments along the way.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2015


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