Video Review: Carrie Underwood "See You Again"

Carrie Underwood walks in between ivory curtains hanging from the ceiling.

A clock ticks. The night sky in a forest is full of sparkling stars. A mother helps her daughter with her hair. Stuffed bumblebees are attached to a fence with five American flags flying in the air.

She looks towards the floor.

At a cemetery, a gravestone has an angel on it. Engraved on the bottom is Remember Ange. White balloons fly near a tree. A car drives in a thunderstorm, lighting seen in its rearview mirror. A lion hugs a man. Soldiers march. A young woman graduates from high school, her phone in hand, videotaping the moment. Home video shows her car painted in the window “College Girl” as she fills her car with boxes for her dorm.

A little boy peeks through two tree branches. A person drops a red rose in the pouring rain. A little girl holds hand with her father, a soldier who stands with others in his battalion. Another little girl looks through her living room window. A woman takes in the scent of her late husband on his afghan. A man sits in church and touches a photo of his mother.

At a picnic for soldiers and their families, a soldier proposes to his girlfriend after performing. At an airport, a woman runs to her boyfriend, who is returning home from serving. He is carrying flowers.

The young woman runs down the hallway of lockers. A little boy jumps on his grandfather’s bed, surprising him. At the zoo, people wave at the grizzly bears. A woman opens her hand, with  a silver heart locket on her palm. A person touches the pillow beside them. A little boy touches a wall, his fingers on his uncle’s name. A gravestone is shown for a Vietnam soldier.

A person touches a newborn baby’s face. At a fundraiser, a soldier reaches over and places a plastic cup by his mother. His mother notices him and immediately hugs him.

The lights dimmed, white stars glimmer in the golden light as she sits on the floor, somber.

The debris from the World Trade Center buildings with the flag on top it is seen. A hand painted sign reads “God Bless Sandy Hook.” The sun sets on the horizon.

On a cellphone, a mother points to in a direction, telling her little girl there’s a surprise. There, she meets her daddy who is returning home from serving.

In Moore, Oklahoma, an American flag flies in the air amidst the destruction of the tornado. On the flag is written, R.I.P. Janae. A handmade pink star reads “Happy Faith Love. Keep Faith Moore, OK.” A yellow sign with 7 seven painted on it is all that left’s of a family’s home. A gravestone reads: God Heals All Wounds. A person reads through a funeral memorial program.

A father and son are baptized in the river. A young woman sits with her boyfriend and rests her head on his shoulder while they enjoy the day at the lake. A yellow ribbon reads “In Loving Memory.” A little boy touches his father’s face.

As the light peeks through the curtains, she stands on the stage and smiles.

Rating: 5/5

Every morning, the alarm the goes off and it’s the beginning of a new day. Some people put their coffee on while others take their pets out for a walk. Without warning, though, it could all be gone. Through a tornado, a national disaster or even war, a person’s life will be lost. Every day is a blessing, for which many people may have tens of thousands of days to experience, if fortunate to do so.

Some people go on to graduate high school and college, able to pursue their dreams. Soldiers return to their families, safe, easing their families’ anxieties of not knowing. A new baby is born into a family, beginning another generation while a father and son commit themselves to their God, rediscovering their faith.

However, some people were cheated out of life. The children of Sandy Hook who were shot at five and six years old who won’t ever experience the thrill of first love or graduate from college. For the employees who worked in the World Trade Center building, who said goodbye to their pets and loved ones before they left, waiting until 5 pm to return home again. The people of Moore, Oklahoma, who lost their lives, unable to evacuate and the families who became homeless, having to restart all over again. Life cannot be taken for granted.

Director: Eric Welch Year: 2013

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