Video Review: Jennifer Lopez "First Love"

In black-and-white, Jennifer Lopez walks in the desert in stiletto heels and shimmery dress as she says in her narration: “I knew I had to leave the world behind me to find out who I was.” She believed she had reached the point in her life where she would be single forever. However, the realization occurred to her that she had to be the one to take initiative.

She holds onto her new boyfriend (David Gandy) in the middle of desert while she says “I knew if I went far enough and left everything behind, I would find you.” Her boyfriend lies on his back on the gravelly sand. In her bedroom, she looks into the mirror. She runs towards the ocean.

The engine of a motorcycle jogs her awake as she lies on the ground. Through the blurring heat, she sees her boyfriend arrive. She watches him circle the area. He stops beside her as the storm clouds gather.

She sits up on the sand, arching her back. Her boyfriend walks towards her in his leather jacket and t-shirt. She leans against some rock in her backyard. He drops his jacket and follows her to her home. She lifts some of the curtain aside, waiting for him.

Outside, he takes a shower and then sits one of her chairs, his feet up and stares at her while she sits at her vanity. She joins him at the shower and he pulls her close to her.

In the desert, he carries an oversized tire, shirtless.

Near the outdoor shower, they cuddle. He runs his hand over her arm. As he snoozes in the chair, she watches him sleep as she lies on the bed.

He lies on the desert and she approaches him. He kisses her when she bends down to him. She climbs on top of him and they roll over a couple of times.

She and her boyfriend hold each other as they fall slowly onto the ground.

As her boyfriend puts his face near hers, she pushes some of her hair back.

Rating: 4/5

The desert, which is a cliché setting, becomes polished and urbane in the black-and-white. The gaps in the sand take on an artful air, as though they were chiseled with a fine knife, sculpted to make a statement about the beauty of nature.

The rustic home, with its outdoor shower, seems as though it were a New England vacation spot won in a divorce settlement from her shamed CEO husband. However, she is a divorcée who has made herself over. Wearing a knitted minidress and stiletto heels, she has discovered her youth again with her new European boyfriend.

Nonetheless, she is living the life of the women she once read about in romance novels. She has her muscled hero holding her close as she throws her back in the throes of passion. When she rolls over in the sand with him, it is rough and awkward, but he touches her face with her face and the sensuality brews within them again.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2014

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