Video Review: MKTO "Bad Girls"

A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device tries to pick up a signal on Malcolm and Tony, checking their vital signs and stating they have been taken prisoner by a group known nicknamed as Bad Girls.

In the backseat of a Humvee, Malcolm tries untangle the tight knots tied to his wrists. Blindfolded, they bump against the backseat. One of the women removes the blindfold. The women begin checking them out. They press them against the backseat, pushing their lips together and giving them kisses. The driver tells them to knock it off and put them on the floor.

At the base camp, some women play cards while others lift weights. A woman perks up, watching the new arrivals. They help them out of the backseat and then let the rest of the women know they found some more men.

A woman shoves them in an abandoned classroom. Malcolm and Tony lean on the stereo, trying to figure out a way to escape. They attempt to wrangle themselves out of the ropes and pass time by batting around a gagged Barbie doll hanging from the ceiling.

From the window, they watch the women march and work out. A group of them catches them and points towards out. Malcolm jumps up and down on a mattress, calling out for help.Tony screams.

Two women storm through the door and then tie them up together outside near one of the camp’s tents. They break the rope and run off. The women chase after them and catch them with a net. They order them to perform on stage. As they sing, the women dance.

Tony sees an opportunity to escape as the women continue to dance, oblivious to them standing in the corner. They take off and let some of the band members through the fence. Tony and Malcolm grin at one other and return back to the camp.

Rating: 5/5

The women are strong and dominating. They take whatever men they want and capture them until they are done. It’s a form of reclaiming their power and regaining a place in society again.

In the video, society has broken out into war over gender issues. After having their rights and health care taken away, it stirred a civil unrest. The poor and middle class banded together first as the privileged looked down on them, telling them to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and earn a living like everyone else, citing it as an entitlement.

The privileged who believed they thought they were spared realized it once they could no longer purchase birth control pills. The men had created a law overnight declaring that fertile women from 18 through 35 from the upper tax bracket were required to maintain the natural order. The women considered it a declaration of war.

Malcolm and Tony, however, while fighting for the men, get caught. However, they sympathize with the women and return back to camp. They see their assertiveness and backbone as an asset. They see the women as potential allies, viewing their wish for progress as positive rather than a victimization forced upon them.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2015

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