Video Review: Ed Sheeran "Photograph"

Baby Ed Sheeran lies in the crib, sleeping, his bottle kept nearby in the home video footage. His parents film waking up in the middle of their bed, rolling his head from side to side, the covers around him. Grinning, he crawls on the floor, naked.

At about six years old, he waves to the camera as he stands by the door wall with a music stand containing sheet music right by him.

As a baby, he lies on the couch, staring at the camera. By the beach, he falls asleep in the carrier, the waves flowing behind him.

He crawls in the kitchen and stands up, using the cabinets to balance himself. His mother taps a teddy bear on his face. His reaches for it and laughs. For his birthday party, he blows into a noisemaker and wears a hat as he sits in the high chair.

At about six years old, he carries some toys up the steps and sits on the couch, reading a book. As a baby, his grandmother touches his feet with her finger. While traveling, he waves a flag out the window. At about three years old, he plays with the keys on the piano.

At about five years old, he draws pictures at the kitchen table. He hands his mom one of his drawings. In the bathroom, he analyzes the alphabet. On a family picnic, he sits at the table and reads.

With his coat on, he climbs on the chair to play the piano. A few years later, he shows his mom some keys. He falls in the water and then finds his shoe. He carries it in his hand, showing his parents. He gets his drawn as a cartoon character at an art fair. On the street, he watches a band play.

At a piano concert, he puts his sheet music on the piano before playing. At about ten years old, he strums on a ukulele.

As a teenager, he plays his guitar on a street corner and continues to play the piano. Inside a recording studio, he wears headphones, preparing to sing the song he wrote. He plays the violin, which he began at a young age.

At about twenty years old, he lies on his bed, strumming to the guitar. He plays with cats in his home. As a child, he would pet his cat by the tree. He enjoys sitting out by the water, using a book as a pillow. His parents would take him as a child and the water is a calming place.

He prepares to play at the Royal British Legion as a teenager by reading his sheet music one more time before the show. On the couch, he sips from coffee, his guitar on his lap. As a child, he sits with his hand on his chin, thinking.

Wearing a pirate hat, he blows out candle on his third birthday. At about twenty years old, he wears a pirate costume for Halloween. As a child, he danced everywhere he could. At about twenty years old, he waves his hands around and grins.

As a child, he liked to play with Legos and trains. Trains also became a hobby when he was a teenager. He watches videos on the computer.

At about twenty years old, he walks on stage of the stadium, greeting his fans. As a child, he plays the piano.

Rating: 5/5

Music has been a part of his life as long as he could walk. His parents had a piano in the family and he would put his hands on it, experimenting with the sounds. His parents would find him a piano teacher. Then, he learned music and began to perform.

The piano led to the violin to drums and the guitar. He wanted to learn every instrument. For him, it was not a hobby, it was a way of life. As a teenager, he performed on street corners and in halls. It was the encouragement of his parents who were there for every concert, supported him on the street corner and listened to him play the guitar in his room.

The home video footage provides an intimate view of him that magazine articles and social media cannot. As a baby, the interest in the arts was evident. He liked to draw and bang on the piano, even if he wasn’t sure what it did. His parents nurtured it and helped him become a success.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2015

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