Video Review: Jordin Sparks "Battlefield"

Jordin Sparks sit in her car in the middle of a grassy field. Inside, she shakes her head and gazes at the mountains.

In a white dress, she lies on the grass.

Inside the car, she puts her finger on her chin and shakes her head again. She grips the steering wheel, wanting to turn back.

She runs her hand through the brittle grass and a plucks a strand of it, holding it across her chest.

She gets out of her car and walks towards the center.

She plays with the grass in her head and a tear rolls down her cheek.

A gust of smoke rises from the other side, clouding her vision as she continues to walk. She puts her arms out as it envelopes her. Flashes of red pierce her silhouette and sparks shoot into the sky. She reaches for them.

The sparks swirl, circling around her and then enlarge like rays, becoming a destructive sunset. Carmine red smoke swells behind her, the sky blackened by explosions.

She raises her hand, and smoke rises as though it were a firework. She collapses onto the ground, exhausted from the strength of her anger. She walks amidst the carmine red smoke as it covers her. She folds her arms across her chest. The smoke soars over her as she stands still.

Rating: 4/5

Peace is not possible.With her warring emotions, she sits in the car, waiting for the conflict to begin. She approaches, intending to state her point but her boyfriend puts her actions on blast, causing a trail of smoke to reach her.

She consumes the smoke, taking responsiblity and but then begins to fight back once he bloodies the sky. She puts her hand up, setting loose a dozen sparks to eviscerate his side. As the smoke settles, she breathes once the conflict is over. But there will be another soon and she has to be prepared each time.

The smoke is a character onto itself. It represents the unseen boyfriend in the background, vowing not to surrender as he begins the conflict once he sees her. She arrives, defenseless and without a shield, hoping to end it. But it’s out of the question as the smoke fills up the field and turns the sky black.

Sparks, though, has a temper and will fight back with everything she has in her arsenal. Her anger empowers the sparks to turn on themselves and work against him.

The smoke, as emotion, heightens the field with each word thrown at one another. The bitterness between them has divided friends and family into factions. The vivid change of colors within the smoke reflect the damage that continues to occur. Each closed wound is fair game. The smoke, visceral and volatile, feeds off the anger.

Director: Phillip Andelman Year: 2009



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