Video Review: Mandy Moore "Walk Me Home"

At the movie premiere of Ice Blue, fans clap and yell from behind the velvet rope, waiting for the stars to walk the red carpet. The limousine first drops off the boy band who provides the movie’s theme. They shake hands with the people. Next, is the leading actress with her boyfriend. She says hello.

The chauffeur opens the limousine door for the leading actor, who thanks him with a wave. He looks out at the crowd.

Mandy Moore sits atop the Alex Theatre, a few white pillows underneath her.

The leading actor turns around as she waves to the fawning crowd of fans and reporters. She smiles widely as she poses for photographs with her famous boyfriend.

It was a magical moment as he took her hand and led her onto the red carpet. While the snow sprinkles onto the ground, she points someone out to him and they both wave. They walk inside the theater.

Outside the entrance of the theater, she sings in a white dress.

He teaches her how to ice skate. She balances herself on the ice with her hands. He slides on the ice and falls into her arms.

In an arctic flower blue dress, she stands behind a wall of ice.

They sit on a bench and play fight. He hugs her, kissing her hair. He helps her tie the laces on her skates. She knocks him over onto the ice.

He stares her, touching her neck as she tries to interpret the intensity of his emotion on his face.

She walks the carpet, in the arctic flower dress, as the snow sprinkles onto the ground while people cheer for her.

She wipes from snow from his face and they kiss on the ice.

Rating: 3.5/5

As one half of teen Hollywood’s new couple, Mandy Moore is a star in own right as she walks with her actor boyfriend. Being with him has gained her some fans but she had a following already.

As she waves to the fans and reporters, it’s as though she’s an experienced veteran with a long resume dating back to childhood. However, she’s starting out as her boyfriend has reached leading man status.

It’s a not romance generated through publicists to help promote the movie or further her career, it’s a genuine relationship. As they spend time together, he cuddles her and they joke around. They carve out time for themselves, in between their busy schedules, and prefer not to talk about their love life to the press.

Her boyfriend is headed towards a Chris Pine career – gorgeous, with a talent for comedy and drama, known for political activism and being all-around good guy.

However, she remains an enigma. She’s an ingénue with a larger-than-life presence, capable of eclipsing her boyfriend in terms of fame. It’s uncertain if she will follow through on her potential, though. She also could end up showing to the opening of every event in Los Angeles on the slim chance her photo will appear in Us Weekly. Her career could go either way. She’s the It Girl, trying to move up while being true to herself at the same time.

Director: Gregory Dark Year: 2000


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