Video Review: Shaggy, Gene Noble & Pitbull "Only Love"

A boat sails on the Hudson River, with a view of the New York City skyline. The Eiffel Tower stands tall in Paris, France.

Shaggy raps in the grass while Gene Noble walks in the middle of the street on an empty road.

Inside a home, a young man opens the blinds of his cancer-stricken mother. She wakes up.

A middle-aged homeless man, sitting with his dog, begs for food. The dog rolls over, defeated.

A street mural in France reads: Paris, Je t’aime. People gather at Staide de France to pray for the victims of the terrorist attack. Some leave candles while others leave flowers.

Street reads: Love Is The Key.

Thousands of keys, with couple’s first names inscribed on them, signify a commitment made.

A young woman walks out of her home and into her boyfriend’s car. She kisses him on the lips once she’s inside.

In home video footage, a little girl kisses her baby brother. A girl laughs. A group of little kids smile as they sit outside. A young woman blows a kiss to the camera.

On a street, people walk by at lightning speed.

The young man brings his mother some breakfast. She holds onto her son, tears in her eyes, as she touches his hair.

The young woman and her boyfriend take a picture together as they take a walk.

In London, a young man and woman walks towards the center of a London street. Together, they hold up signs stating “Free Hugs!”

An eight-year-old boy offers another boy some of his water.

Someone hands the homeless man some food. He feeds it to the dog and gives him a hug.

A businessman’s wallet falls out his pocket as he walks. A young man sees it and hands it back to him.

Shaggy and Noble meet up on the empty road.

The couple sits on the ground. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.  The couple drives to their destination and she places her hand over her boyfriend’s.

A man sitting on his front lawn laughs.

A ballerina practices as the train rolls past.

The young couple runs in the field. He gets down on one knees and shows her the ring. She answers with a “yes.” He puts his arms over his head and their friends run towards them. They kiss and their friends dance.

A little boy and his father kick a soccer ball in the park. On the way home, the father rubs his son’s head.

At night, the couple watches the Big Ben clock.

Noble and Shaggy say goodbye.


Rating: 4.5/5

Kindness is often taken for weakness and in today’s society cruelty is the norm. The video is a reminder that good people exist all over the world. They not make the news but they are there, getting involved to save people’s’ rights and offering a hand to a stranger.

A national tragedy can bring people together. It is then people realize they are vulnerable and it could happen anywhere in the country. For the French, November 13,2015 will be a day of remembrance as people lost friends, lovers, wives and sons.

Families, most of all, need to nurture each other and fight through the dysfunction. The young man and his mother may not have always gotten along. But with her being sick, she needs someone to care for her. Her son lets her stay at her home to get better. She appreciates his sacrifice.

Love is what makes a person human, keeping their conscience intact and dismissing the need to be selfish.

Director: Parris Year: 2015

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