Video Review: Calum Scott "Dancing On My Own"

A crowd of people dressed in a uniform of a unisex white robe stand outside, watching the windy blue moon.

A young woman, scared of what might happen, thinks she doesn’t want to be alone.

A bright white light shines over the crowd.

In the windy blue light, Calum Scott begins to sing.

People stare, their faces blank.

A young man breaks his glance and looks towards the scared young woman then back at the sky.

The young man steps out of line and the young woman follows. The young man moves people’s shoulders in order to get the young woman.  The young woman bumps into people and then trips. The young man continues to push through.

Scott moves to the front towards the front.

The young man and young woman meet. He touches her forehead with his own. She closes her eyes.

Scott waits as the white bright light washes over everyone.

A second young man holds hands with another young woman.

People close their eyes once the light hits them.

Scott returns to his place in line.

Rating: 5/5

The apocalypse is near. As ordered by their cult leader, they stand outside during the eclipse, waiting for the world to end. Calum Scott thinks of the people he left behind. A broken heart led him here and now, he wonders how much life he has left.

A young man breaks free from the group, searching for the woman he gave him hope and taught him how to cheat at the policing rules in place. Away from everyone, she would practice with him, telling him if his face was convincing.

She follows him, knowing the risk involved. Despite the ever-changing light, she believes they will survive it and be able to run off. Another couple admits their feelings for one another by holding hands. It’s not safe. But they no longer care.

Scott, however, is conflicted and fighting his beliefs. Suddenly, everything that he has heard for the past several years is unbelievable. It doesn’t sound right. The pain of losing his family and future stings. He won’t get those years back. It’s too late to restart again. He will have to define himself a new way and it’s a step he’s not ready to accept yet.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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