Video Review: Demi Lovato & Cher Lloyd "Really Don’t Care"

On a black screen, it’s written the video was filmed at the LA Pride Parade in West Hollywood, CA on June 8, 2014 at 12:33 pm. Outside the parade are protesters with signs reading “Homo Sex is a sin” and “Jesus Saves From Hell.” Over a police siren, Demi Lovato says “my Jesus loves all.”

People walk in the parade, filming with their phones. A person waves a “Born This Way” banner. Police ride through as people wave from behind the barricades. A vintage car has a sign on the bumper stating “No Bullying.”

She sings on stage, surrounding by dancers in hot pink and gold body leotards with a sign over her with the song’s title. People, with their faces blurred out, dance. A young woman gives the peace sign. A woman taps a man’s butt as he wiggles it. A shirtless man, wearing rainbow beads and a masquerade mask dances. Confetti flies in the air. Perez Hilton sings along, spinning his camera around.

In a hot pink room with two ice white columns, a young woman dances. A couple kiss. She gets her face right in the camera as Cher Lloyd rolls up her sleeves in the background. Bria and Chrissy dance.

People run to the stage.

Back in the hot pink room, she and her two drag queens perform a dance routine. A drag queen plays with her hair and sings, wearing a love necklace and multi-colored tank top. Kat Graham, with sunglasses on, sings into the camera. Wilmer Valderrama holds onto her waist.

On stage, she winks at the camera. The camera spins, fading one person’s face into another.

In the hot pink room, Lloyd begins her rap.

Against a red screen, Travis Barker flips his drumsticks and begins to play the drums. The red dissolves into organized blobs to the music. She sings on the steps below while people dance.

Back in the hot pink room, she sings right into the camera again.

Rating: 4.5/5

Demi Lovato supports and stands up for the LGBT community, who at their parade have to deal with hate and shaming from protestors. She tells them that despite the signs they see, Jesus still loves them. For a community that is often marginalized and attacked based on who they choose to love, the words resonate and are a source of comfort.

Some celebrities throw in their support: Perez Hilton, Kat Graham, Wimer Valderrama and Travis Barker, reminding the community that they are not alone. They want to help give the people a voice and give what they can.

At the parade, the community celebrates love, in all its forms. Along the streets of West Hollywood, people who may be afraid to come out see others who have, waving a flag. The people, wearing rainbow colors and walking, provide courage and welcome those who want to help their cause.

But mostly, it’s their time to be seen as people. As people who matter and deserve rights. On Lovato’s part, it’s commendable of her to show a part of something that people may experience snippets of during the nightly news. They are able to gain understanding of what they community is like and learn who they are. Hopefully, it helps people realize that there is nothing to be feared.

Director: Ryan Pallotta Year: 2014

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