Video Review: Avicii "Wake Me Up!"

Inside their run-down shack, two sisters (a teenager and an eight-year-old) sleep in their bedroom. The young woman wakes up first and looks at her sister, taking note of the mark near her shoulder. She shakes her head and leaves the bed.

As the young woman pulls her hair back in the bathroom, her little sister comes by the door and she grins. On her arm is the same mark. The young woman reaches for her little sister’s hand and they begin their walk.

The little girl’s smile vanishes as two older men wearing overalls stare them down. A middle aged man, also in overalls, stares at them and they young woman holds her sister closer. A thirtysomething woman sneers at them. A young woman, with red curly hair, stands right in front of them. The little girl begins to get scared by the townspeople’s intimidation. A thirteen-year-old carrying a basket follows them as they walk.

While sitting on the fence, the little girl says “they don’t like us.” Her sister responds with “yeah, I know.” The little girl asks why and she pulls her closer to her, not knowing what to say.

The next morning, the young woman wakes up and goes horseback riding through the field. After running through the river, she finds a  modern city with. After admiring the archtecticure of the buildings, she ties her horse to a post and decides to explore.

The first person she sees has the same mark as her shoulder. She grins and then approaches her to get a better look. A young man welcomes her and then helps her into the back of a pick-up truck. From there, she and several people weave through a line and enter an Avicii concert.

On stage, Avicii waves his hands around and the young woman dances with her new friends. While Aloe Blacc sings, she takes a picture.

She returns home and tells her little sister to get her things together. The little girl rubs her eyes and asks where they going. The young woman tells her “somewhere we belong.”

The two sisters walk to their home as the Avicii concert continues.

Their old home remains abandoned and thirteen-year-old stares into the distance.

Rating: 4.5/5

In their town, the two sisters were outcasts due to how they carried themselves. The old-fashioned people looked down upon them, viewing them as elitists. Each day, they would be shamed and shunned based on their appearance. The older men who leered at them made them nervous but it was the young women that brought the most fear. With one wrong look, the women would stone them.

The older sister, alienated and frustrated, decides to go beyond the town and search for another society. In the city, she finds people who have the same markings and they accept her right away. Full of hope and a new start, she tells her sister they are leaving.

Nonetheless, even though they are gone, the ominous thirteen-year-old young woman wants to know more and seems to be thinking of plan how to find them. A change has occured that the town did not approve of and now they are left without an enemy to hate.

The divide in the video between the two progressive women and the old-fashioned townspeople is vast. The two women are marginalized and left on their own. In the rural town, they have no rights which the old-fashioned people are unwilling to give. Instead, they choose to despise and put them in their place each day.

Directors: Mark Seiliger & C.B. Miller Year: 2013

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