Video Review: Grace "Boyfriend Jeans"

Past the New York City skyline, Grace sits on a bench, overlooking the river.

A young woman places her hand over boyfriend’s hand. She digs her hands in the sand and traces a heart with her finger. The ocean washes away the heart and she gets up.  Another young woman walks down the hallway, running her hands over the lockers.

A blonde young woman weeps as she pores through photos with her ex-boyfriend on her phone. She wipes some tears away and lies in her bed, numb. She puts on an old pair of her ex-boyfriend’s jeans.

Underneath the pier, a brunette young woman holds her surfboard.

The blonde young woman takes down pictures of them on her bedroom wall.

Down a hallway, several boys skateboard.

A young woman gets into a car. She stares down at the steering wheel as her boyfriend tells her that she’s great and all, but it’s not going to work out. He walks out of the car and she puts her head down on the steering wheel.

In the corner of the hallway, a brunette young woman wearing a hat texts to ex-boyfriend. She tells him that she misses him. She watches as he shakes his head while reading her text. She sits against the lockers, trying to hold back tears as he skates away, leaving his phone behind.

The brunette young woman touches the locket her now ex-boyfriend gave her, which hangs in her car. She rips it off and drives away.

Grace continues to sing by the bench as the nighttime rolls around.

The brunette young woman tosses the locket out the window.

The brunette young woman, who is wearing a hat, walks down the hallway and smashes his phone with her foot.

The young woman at the pier puts both hands on her shoulders.

The brunette young woman sits by her bumper, holding her ex-boyfriend’s jeans that she found. She throws them to the side and continues to the drive.

The young woman at the pier sits down, composing herself.

The brunette young woman, who is wearing a hat, removes her hat and smiles.

Grace looks over at the water while sitting at the bench.

Rating: 4/5

The young women featured have been rejected by young men who believed loved them. The blonde young woman has only begun to accept it’s over as she tears down pictures of them. However, she’s still thinking about him and is trying her best to get over it.

The brunette young woman, who is wearing a hat, is still trying to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. She’s hanging on, hoping. But he dismisses her text. His reaction hurts her as she meanders the hall. However, stomping on his phone gives her some satisfication.

The brunette young woman, who picks up her boyfriend, only to get a condescending remarks about how special she is, rids herself of him as quickly as he did her. The locket, which once had meaning, is now a piece of cheap jewelry.

Grace, even though she is out of the ongoing storylines, is able to make an impact. She spends time taking a walk, thinking of how to move forward. She may be alone but she realizes she’s better off without him.

Director: Ellis Bahl Year: 2015

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