Video Review: Kungs & Jamie N Commons "Don't You Know"

Kungs and his girlfriend walk hand-in-hand along the beach. The pearly waves of the ocean glitter under the sun.  Four dancers, wearing sweatshirts with Kungs on the back, stand in a line, looking.

She leans into him as the wind blows strands of hair into her face and then walks away from him. She glances over her shoulder and then turns backwards, facing him while leaving. He grins and behind him the four background dancers begin to move their arms.

In her black high heels, she steps into the bubblegum pink ocean and he follows, staring at her butt the entire time. He pauses and the background dancers perform some choreography.

At night, on the sidewalk, one of the background dancers performs. Kungs’ logo, lit in blue, bops around the side of him.

She walks through the crystal white snow mountains. She turns around and smiles when she notices Kungs behind her.

In a darkened street, another background dancer spins.

She returns back to the beach, crossing her arms over her chest. She looks again at Kungs, with his background dancers behind him.

In the pebbly sand, the background dancers perform alone on the beach.

She runs towards him and leaps into his arms. They kiss and she rests her head on his shoulder.

Rating: 2/5

Kungs’ girlfriend wants to venture to far off places. However, he doesn’t have the courage to follow her. In his mind, he imagines background dancers behind him, pumping their arms and encouraging him. For her, it’s a deal breaker. She needs someone in her life to believe in change.

Through a harsh terrain, she walks and he is there. But when they return to the beach, he loses his confidence. The background dancers, as his coping mechanism, appear again. It’s when they disappear into the middle of the beach, somewhere off into the distance, that she embraces him.

The colors are brightened to delicate shades of pink and white. Depending on the light, the beach is either a bubblegum pink or a peach. The ocean sparkles while the snow, despite its innate coarseness, may as be vanilla frosting topped onto the mountain.

The background dancers prop Kungs up, but in a psychological function. They are outgoing, take chances and unafraid to be themselves. Each exhibit qualities Kungs wish he had. In turn, Kungs lets himself become a blank slate. When the background dancers leave, the fascinating aspect about him is gone and he is left without a twinge of personality.

Director: Giany Year: 2016

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