Video Review: Amerie "Why Don’t We Fall In Love"

In cursive, The First Day of Summer is written on the screen. In the city, the trees are full and green. Kids are running down the sidewalk. A guy steps out of his home with his boombox. He puts a tape inside and begins to play the song.

In her bedroom, Amerie sits on a chair, looking outside the window. She touches the light and lies down on the bed. She stands by her window, watching the kids play across the street and people talking on the steps. She sniffs the flowers in the vase.

She walks down the street, where she sees two guys talking next to a car and a kid dribbling a basketball. She tries to take it from him and he gets around her. She watches a girl ride her bike.

She stands by a fence, wearing an orange blouse and denim shorts.

At the basketball court, she watches as a couple of guys play a pickup game. She and one of the guys gaze at one another. He aims for a three pointer.

She sits on top of a bench, where she and a guy bob their heads to the music. Then, she sits alone. A couple sit together. He plays with her ring and lifts up her shirt, revealing a cross tattoo. She touches the muscles in his arms and kisses him on the cheek.

She dances in the park and sways on the bench.

At the park, a couple sit underneath the tree, cuddling. Another couple walks with their arms around each other. A mother holds a baby while the father prepares the meat for the barbecue. Another father points out something to his daughter, who is riding her bike. A fourth couple sit on the grass, talking.

Amerie leaves the bench.

Rating: 3.5/5

The fresh air, warm sun and a gentle breeze make for a beautiful day as Amerie takes a walk. For the first time in months, she wears shorts and a tank top. Around her, the neighborhood is alive again as people talk and children play out on their front lawns.

She heads for the park, where she connects with a young man playing basketball. There is promise of a romance. She gets a charge from the excitement, knowing the summer may be different from the ones in the past.

Couples enjoy the day as they barbecue and lounge on the grass. The lovely day has brought out the best in them as they are affectionate with their partners and enjoying each other’s company.

The winter jackets and broken New Year’s resolutions are gone. School is over for the year. For Amerie, there are carefree days ahead, soaking in the humidity and finding a first love.

Director: Benny Boom  Year: 2002


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