Video Review: Ed Sheeran "Castle On The Hill"

In a field, a young man, Ed plays with some grass. On the edge of the grass, he and his friend, David run. David bends over, catching his breath.

Outside Framlingham, he and a couple of his friends hang out by a crumbling wall of a once formidable castle.

Driving down the road, Ed Sheeran thinks of all the great times he had with his friends from school.

After school, they would hang out at a dive bar and play pool. They would drink beer and smoke, talking about their day. He would carry his cup of beer with both hands, taking careful steps, as he approach his friends.

In their, Ed would drive as David and Kevin would sing along. David would always call shotgun. Together, they would go to bonfires.

He had a crush on Lisa since he was twelve. Finally, he asked her out. They parked by the field. She sipped on a beer and he grinned to himself, unable to believe it was actually happening. He kisses her, with their friends waiting and witnessing the moment. He walks out of the car, scratching his nose and then puts his arm around Lisa. Andrea looks on, worried.

David and Kevin would often play pinball. He and Lisa would talk, making plans. Harry would roll the cigarettes.

At a house party, neon color lights flash as they drink in the corner. He makes out with Lisa.

Sheeran walks down the same field where he and David would run.

Outside a store, one of his friends gets pulled away. Ed grows concerned, full of guilt for standing by. They sit at picnic tables, watching people race down the track. A couch burns in the bonfire.

Andrea, he has learned, sells her own designs at a fashion boutique in London. David works as a marine biologist, studying wildlife. Harry has a little boy and girl now. However, his ex-girlfriend took off one day and didn’t leave a note. Lisa’s older brother, whom she tried to reach out to and get into rehab, died of a cocaine overdose not long after she finished college. Another friend got married right after high school. But they quickly divorced. He later remarried to a woman he met a work. Kevin lives paycheck to paycheck, working at one of the local shops. He takes care of his family, which keeps him in part-time work.

However, Sheeran remembers them as the people who shaped his life.

He swings with David on the playground set.

As they sit on the rock and drink beer, they talk.

Sheeran drinks his beer while he sees his friends after several years apart.

Rating: 5/5

The coming-of-age story is a glimpse into Ed Sheeran’s teen years. Like any teenager, he hung out with his friends in parking lots and house parties. The mostly walked everywhere, talking about whatever was on their mind. The conversations have stayed with him.

The friendship with David (named by me) is his introduction to the people who would know him before he even released an album. Through David, he would finally get a chance to talk to his crush, whom he later dates. He would find camaraderie among them, each searching for something through art.

However, for most, life did not turn out as planned. About ten years later, they are not the dreamers anymore. Real life has occurred and it has become a struggle. The search for self hasn’t ended. Sheeran, fortunately, has his music. But some of his friends lost passion for the outlet. Some had no choice but to give up and provide for their families.

When he meets with them again, there is much he wants to say but it will remain unspoken. They know. The castle will be a special for them, a place in time they can’t get back. However, the bond of friendship will be there, despite setbacks and success. They all own a part of each other no one else has.

Director: George Belfield Year: 2017

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