On a king size bed near a frozen river, Kim Wilde lays down as smoke wafts over her. Her eyes open wide, shaken by fear. A man opens a door and stands in the murky background while shreds of paper fly into the room. Wilde covers her head.

She sits up in bed,  yelling at him to leave her alone. However, he puts in his hands in his pockets and watches her, ignoring her pleas.

Against a violent wind, she stays far away from him as he raises his hands up and down at the back of the tunnel.

He continues to lurk in the doorway by her bedroom.

For a night, she manages to sleep soundly. She shuts the door behind her.

In a claustrophobic doorway, he hovers on the ceiling, poking his hand out. The doors shutter, keeping him out.

She hides in the room, peering through grey streaks of light to see if he is still there. However, he tears through the doors again.

She stands in the doorway, moving her hand, which causes a jolt but it doesn’t deter him.

She lies in bed, putting her hand in her hair, disturbed by a nightmare.

Rating: 5/5

The obsessive man, stalking her by her house and confining her to hiding places, generates anxiety in Kim Wilde. Her home is no longer safe. She has a strange man crouching in her doorways, determined to get her.

She has darkened her house, turned off all the lights and stays in her room. Her life has become miserable, trying to escape a man obscures himself from her view. He could jump out at any moment. There is no outlasting him. The man’s threatening presence is elevated by his silence. He doesn’t pounce, only lingers. She survives by staying alert.

Frightening with biting uneasiness, there is a chill in the air that it won’t end well.

Director: Greg Masuak Year: 1986

Kim Wilde – You Keep Me Hangin’ On