Video Review: OneRepublic "Let’s Hurt Tonight"

From the Collateral Beauty film clip, Howard (Will Smith) says “Love. Time. Death. Let’s begin now” in a room.  Whit rides his bicycle on the bridge and enters his apartment.

At night, Ryan Tedder rides in a cab in New York City. He looks at the Radio City Music Hall sign as he passes by it.

From the movie, Claire (Kate Winslet) is on her phone while riding the cab.  Whit looks at photos on his laptop of he and his daughter.

The band sings on top of a golden lit rooftop.

From the movie, Howard twirls his daughter around. In a sweat, he wakes from his sleep, troubled by seeing his daughter again, who has since passed.

Brigitte (Helen Mirren) stands on a city street, her hands folded.

Tedder plays his guitar over golden crystallized blocks.

Whit and Amy (Keira Knightley) talk. Whit leaves work.

Whit meets someone by the golden crystallized blocks. The woman walks away.

Howard builds his dominoes in the conference room while Whit, Claire and Simon watch from the steps.

The band continues to play on the rooftop.

Brigitte hands Howard a letter on a park bench. Howard leaves while she follows behind him, asking him to listen.

Howard talks with Madeleine (Naomie Harris) and then continues to bike. Brigitte watches Simon at the grocery store. An employee knocks over Howard’s dominoes and he rushes over, trying to catch them. Whit and Claire tree shop. Claire tries to talk to him but he leaves.

Tedder rides in the cab again.

A woman sobs in a diner.

Whit’s daughter frowns when she walks away from him. Whit shakes his head. On the subway,  a tear rolls down Howard’s cheek as he talks with Brigitte.

At a restaurant, Madeleine tells Howard to “make sure to notice the collateral beauty.”

Rating: 2/5

OneRepublic gets shunted off to the side while muted film clips roll by, pieced together according to the lyrics. The film’s promotion comes first. It’s evident from the first clip, when Howard is at the grief support group.

Tedder has some involvement in the clips. He rides in the taxi, the same one in which Claire rides later. He plays guitar by the golden crystallized blocks where an important conversation happens between Whit and a woman. Otherwise, the band is separate.

From the clips, it’s a holiday movie, hoping for some Oscar nominations, but it’s need of a reality check. Will Smith, out of desperation, exaggerates each grin and frown meanwhile Edward Norton takes the opposite approach, accepting it’s a blockbuster Hallmark movie and not much else. Kate Winslet stares. Although, it’s a solemn stare. Naomie Harris and Keira Knightley are able to build favorable first impressions for their characters.

However, it’s seems to be a movie determined to make its points with endless speechifying and somber orchestral notes in the background. With everyone muted, it becomes a jumbled series of clips with little story.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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