Video Review: Jason Aldean "Just Gettin’ Started"

At the 2014 American Country Music Awards Countdown Show, a large medallion Jason Aldean sign hangs over the stage. People in the audience stand, waiting for Aldean to play.

Harsh white lights blank out the stage and audience for a brief moment. Fern sand falls in the visualization as he grabs the microphone. Women in the audience snap their fingers as they dance. A visualization of the sun blazes over the stage. Some more women sing along and film him with their phones.

In the audience, Thomas Rhett and his wife sing along. Lit in a scarlet red, the people wave their hands in the air. A camera crew can be seen walking by the stage. Above the stage, clouds have covered the once blazing sun. The visualization of the fern races by.

Aldean smiles when done and the women in the audience clap.

Rating: 1/5

Jason Aldean is adored by women all shapes and sizes. They hang onto to his every lyric and dream of being wife #3 or a mistress, whichever will do. The women lucky enough to be in the audience, filming it for the phones and uploading it to their social media accounts, can write that they were close to greatness.

He has the respect of the up and coming stars of country, like Thomas Rhett, who knows all his songs by heart. But back to the women, who would give up their ordinary lives to be with him for an evening.

Aldean himself is a diligent performer, staying by the microphone and not leaving it until the song is finished. The visualizations, though, increase in speed as the song continues, creating action where there is none. The fern sand cascades as though a spa’s stock room was broken into while the ever-changing weather above stays to a mild day.

Director: Joe DeMaio Year: 2014

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