Video Review: UB40 "Red Red Wine"

In black-and-white, Duncan scooches through the entrance of the bar, where he sees his friends from work. He says hello to Earl and makes his way to the counter. He passes by other friends and chats with them a bit.

A bartender walks on crutches while an older woman smiles, sitting at a table.

On television, Duncan and Robin sit on some steps, singing on stage.

The bartender fills up a glass as the television plays in the background. He greets Duncan and serves him his usual drink. He folds some papers in his pocket. The guy next to him spots him and signals his friend, sitting next to Duncan on the other side.

At home, a young woman brushes mascara on her eyes while sitting at her vanity.

In the bathroom of Duncan’s home, he washes his face off with a towel and looks at the photo of the young woman hanging by the side of the mirror.

In the kitchen, his little sister is throwing food into his father’s lap. The father shoos the dogs away, who are begging for food, as he sits in his recliner in front of the television. His mother irons. He tosses his towel and tells his dad he is going out.

Back at the bar, he takes a sip of his beer while the guy’s friend asks him if he wants a cigarette. The guy sitting next to him leans in, waiting and then grabs the paper while Duncan looks for his lighter. He lights both their cigarettes and the guys take off.

Earlier at work, Earl was telling them to leave the site. He was putting debris into a pile.

The young woman enters the bar and he gazes at her with a moony expression. The smile drains from his face when he sees a man walk in and she giggles. He watches them sit at a booth together, heartbroken. She spots him staring and silently tells him to leave her alone.

He continues to drink at the bar, his glass filled with red.

At home, his father spits liquor out of his mouth while his mother smacks his father with a towel. He argues with his dad. He drinks his beer, stumbling in the bar and then gets kicked out. He lies down on the cement while his father picks him up, walking with the two dogs. His father picks him up and puts his arm around his shoulder as they walk back home.

Rating: 4/5

Family is there for each other, despite whatever ugly words were said. At the end of the day, his father doesn’t care what Duncan said to him. He only wants his son to come home in one piece. They’ll work it out later. He’s concerned about his son’s drinking, though. However, he thought that by mocking someone who is drunk, his son would be deterred from it.

From Duncan’s point of view, he doesn’t need his dad telling him how to act. He can be responsible and still be able to drink. The heartbreak put him over the edge, though. After seeing his crush with another guy, he wanted to forget his feelings for her. When he sees his father, he is surprised but ashamed.

The video chooses not to preach nor does it takes sides.  Instead, it lets Duncan learn on his own. Duncan’s father could’ve left him there out on the street or ignored the call altogether. However, his father knows he can’t control his son and hope that something else will get through to him. Maybe, then maybe his son will listen.

Director: N/A Year: 1983


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    I think her name is : Bernadette McNamara. Waw, at 2:06 of video clip (that look) colored the wine to red. Sweet !!

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