Video Review: Years & Years "Shine"

In a suburban neighborhood, salamander orange sparks fly on the front lawn.

Olly stands on the front lawn, underneath the cornflower blue sky fogged by smoke.

Earlier, he was tossing and turning in his bed. Emre was in the dining room, eating his cereal. An apple red light shines into the hallway of the house. Through a keyhole, a clear light emits from outside. A soft wind turns the pages of a book on the table.

Outside, two different color lights — apple red and aqua blue — illuminate the windows. Olly lies awake, watching the light above him.

Water on the table bubbles. Emre continues to eat his cereal, alert for any noises. Olly watches as balled up papers drift on the floor, guided by the wind. He gets up to find out what is causing it. Mikey walks into the kitchen and sees the refrigerator door, the vegetables lined up in an orderly fashion on the floor. A detector sparks.

A golden light shines into the hallway. The lights swing in a circle. The water heats up on the table.

In sandy tones, Olly rubs his hand on his neck.

Back in the house, he turns on the television. From the corner of his eye, a bright light gets his attention. He turns around and sees a newly created hole. He gets up from the couch and looks outside the window, checking to see if maybe an accident occurred on the street.

He walks closer to the light. The shelves collapse and he cowers. The impact causing him to land on the floor. In the kitchen, Emre stays close to the dining table, holding onto the posts as wood and objects fly in the air. All the doors in the house open.

The light above Olly breaks. A white light shines on Olly’s arm, healing him. He wakes up and then walks to the door, taking one final look at Emre. Emre walks to the door, following him outside. A shell-shocked Mikey lies within open refrigerator, staring at the ceiling.

In the apple red light, he watches the sky. As a bright, white light casts over him, he touches his neck. There, a spot glows. He continues to the look at sky with recognition.

Rating: 3.5/5

Another life form is searching for surrogates. It tests each person in their homes to find out who would be best to represent them. They figure out Olly’s fascination and curiosity could be an asset. However, Emre is far too passive and Mikey wouldn’t be able to handle it all.

But first, they need to kill the people they need and revive them with their own power. Emre notices that when Olly leaves, with some sorrow in his eyes, that something might have happened. Meanwhile, Mikey is catatonic in the kitchen.

Olly waits. After the host is put inside him, he touches his neck and has become a new person, blank and static. Whether the life form is threatening or wants to explore Earth isn’t told. The lifeform becomes a near disaster, forcing people to handle change. Sometimes change is met with apathy or outright fear. However, a few venture far into it, willing to discover what’s there. Olly sacrifices his life for the cause, which people would do for a business idea or a dream.

Director: Nick Barratt Year: 2015

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