Video Review: Disclosure "Jaded"

Sam Smith watches as Mariela conjures objects in her hands. The screen fades to black as police break into the building, arresting people.

Inside a government building, an older man walks towards a room where Mariela is sitting in a blue jumpsuit. He puts his hand on the screen, which identifies him. Another older man walks in and sits across from her. Men outside the room watch.

The second older man takes a chain out his pocket and swings it in front of her, hypnotizing her. She sits, a vacant expression on her face and then closes her eyes. The lights in the room flicker, then shut off. Outside the room, the men move their heads closer.

After closing her eyes, she changes into Howard and then Guy before returning back to herself. She switches back and forth, forming hologram images of them. Then, she shape shifts into an African-American woman, two older men, a thirtysomething man and an injured African-American man.

She transports to a desert and stands in the middle with two empty tollbooths. She looks behind her. The second older man is sitting in the desert. When he opens his eyes,  he drops his chain, shaken to his core.

The men stare outside, shocked.

She thinks of the party, of escaping the first time. She changes into other people again and keeps the older man in her deserted world. A neon shadowy figure emerges through the window and chases the older men, who run off.

Rating: 3.5/5

Finally, the extent of Mariela’s power is learned. She can not only conjure but she can shape shift into other people at will. She uses it to protect to herself against the government, who want to detain her and then possibly kill her.

However, none of the story is furthered. Each bit of character development has been told in piece meal. Then, it stays frozen in the same scene for about four minutes, neglecting the past information.

After creating a complex dystopia in the first video, each successive installment has become thinner. What is going on in the city? Is there unrest or did the police quash any rebellion? How can Mariela’s powers help? Without knowing anything other than Mariela’s powers, the story loses its effectiveness and becomes one note.

Director: Ryan Hope Year: 2015

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