Video Review: Rita Ora "Radioactive"

Amidst the swirling lavender clouds, Rita Ora sings.

She stands in front of a turning mechanical gear, dancing. As she raises her hands, the gear closes in and shrinks. She claps and it disappears. It returns back in place while she dances. She points out her arms and the gear dissolves into blueberry particles.

On a toxic planet, Rita Ora rules on a planet, where clean air is nonexistent. Two men guard her, wearing gas masks and standing by shredded flags. She spins around in a circle while sitting on a chair. Fires burn in the background and abandoned space suits lie next to her. Fire bursts by the two men. Smoke emits from plants, polluting the air.

A crystallized male robot clings to the streaks of light as he falls. He lets the streaks form him and solidify his body. A female robot begins to take shape.

Inside a government building. Rita Ora, in a navy blue jumpsuit helps to guide the transition.

In a scarlet red room, Ora’s head, attached to a base with metal spikes and wire, spins.

In an isolated area of the building, the robot man and woman meet as pink streaks infuse them with the emotion of love. They embrace.

She speeds down a former subway tunnel on her motorbike.

In an ivory chamber, she wears a helmet with a hole, allowing for her long braid and dances.

Rating: 3.5/5

In the future, people are rediscovering space after years of unrest and misguided revolutions. Nonetheless, Rita Ora, stayed involved. She seems to be at the center of it as she figures out complicated gears and governs a part of a dying planet.

Despite the political problems, hope still exists. A new society of hybrids – half robot, half human has begun. Inside a government building, the hybrids are imbued with emotion, with an emphasis on compassion. As a hybrid, a hateful human could be transformed into a caring individual with some programming installed.

Although modernistic, the future is still in progress. There are still advancements to be made and a dystopia to recover from. Rita Ora takes charge in a newly calmed society broken down by oppressive measures and finds solutions.

Director: Syndrome Year: 2012

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