Video Review: Brenda K. Starr "I Still Believe"

Brenda K. Starr hangs onto the windowsill as she looks out the window as the people pass by on the street below.  She stares at the floor as she paces.

As she walks through the park, she frowns as she sees a blissful couple holding hands. She sees another couple by a rock and turns away.

Inside her apartment, she reaches her arm out and pulls it back to her chest.

The wind picks up as she continues to walk. She stops to look at the Statute of Liberty. On her walk, she bends her back .

At her apartment, she runs her hands through her hair and shrugs her shoulders.

She spins around on the boardwalk. A man plays his saxophone while she dances.

On stage, she sings as two dancers behind her rehearse.

She continues her walk, crossing her arms against her chest and then puts her jacket over her shoulder.

Into the night, she continues to practice dance moves on the boardwalk.

She continues to sing on stage.

She looks away from the New York City skyline, contemplating her career.

Rating: 3/5

New York is the city of dreams for Brenda K. Starr. She is a struggling performer, practicing her role for an off-Broadway play. She rehearses her lines in her apartment and performs some dance moves while walking. She gets in character before rehearsal, wanting to excel at her part.

During the rehearsal, she puts her heart on stage. However, she is not the only one trying to make it. Behind her are two dancers who are going their routine until they get it down pat. Like her, they want to appear on Broadway and be at the Tony Awards instead watching them at home.

She has ambition and grit. She breathes for her art. Despite the fact she is working two jobs and trying to get by, she believes she will make it one day. The role she landed is a step closer to being Roxie Hart in a revival of Chicago.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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