Video Review: DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Jeremih, Future, August Alsina & Rick Ross "Do You Mind"

A white dress shirt is on the floor of the foyer. Jeans land on the floor next as DJ Khaled’s yells “Six o’clock in the morning! I’ve been waiting for you all night!” DJ Khaled tells her she’s overthinking. From the balcony railing, she exclaims that she’s finished with him. DJ Khaled says “it’s a cold world.” He explains that he can’t stay at home all day with her. He has to work and schmooze. She says he can it all. He challenges her, asking if she’s tired of the “marble floors and high ceilings.” She gets his off. She says “this is the phone you love..make love to this” and throws it over the railing. DJ Khaled says it takes money to pay for the house and she’s expensive.

On the front lawn, DJ Khaled plays on a piano with several designer purses on it. A woman walks by and puts her hand on his shoulder. She waves money in his face.

He stands on top of the man made mountain, where water cascades into the pool, holding one of the purses.

In apartment, wearing a red bra and panties, Nicki Minaj sits on the couch. After leaning against the wall, she sits on a recliner and jiggles her butt. Against another wall, a shirtless man rubs his hands together.

On a platform in the pool, DJ Khaled, August Alsina and Chris Brown stand while woman, wearing white bikinis are nestled in every corner of the man made mountain with a bottle of champagne.

In his spare time, he gardens and tends to rose bushes. She likes to ride his motor bike. He hands her a rose and she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

On the front lawn, Chris Brown is sitting on the bench while a woman wearing a red dress sits on top of the piano and rubs his back.  DJ Khaled joins him, waving money in a young woman’s face and dancing with her.

Sitting on a mattress, Alsina sits with a young woman and touches her chin.

DJ Khaled and his girlfriend ride around the neighborhood on his motorbike.

As a young woman dances around the kitchen, Jeremih sits on the floor, trying not to stare.

He rides his skidoo in the pool and belly flops into the water.

He smokes one of his custom-made cigarettes, which are embossed with a “K” with Future and several other women. One of the woman drinks the champagne straight from the bottle while another woman listens to music on Beats By Dre headphones.

A fourth woman opens a case, which holds his lighter and cigarette holder. Rick Ross stands by stained glass windows and raps.

His girlfriend sits on a couch in the courtyard, surrounded by rows of flowers.

DJ Khaled smokes some cigars and holds out the case. A woman exhales, smoke leaving her lungs.

Back at her apartment, Nicki Minaj shows off her butt again.

In the courtyard, DJ Khaled arrives, carrying a yellow bag. He plucks a rose from the bush and gives her a kiss. He sits next to her and she puts her hand on his head. He explains to her that he has a great opportunity right now to further her career. However, he adds that her complaining is causing him to be nervous. He explains that he needs her to stop, stating he “can move through the jungle and focus.” He says it’s all for them and he has gained respect. She tells him she loves him and they kiss. He gives her a necklace and she exclaims that “it’s so beautiful!” DJ Khaled calls her a “major key.” They hug.

Rating: 0/5

A girlfriend is another employee DJ Khaled has to keep in line and supervise. She’s upset that he didn’t home last night. He turns it around on her, citing work. She calls him out and throws out his phone. He implicitly says she’s a gold digger, only wanting the luxury lifestyle. However, her argument loses steam when she huffs back “no!” and doesn’t storm out of the mansion.

Throughout, DJ Khaled flaunts his opulent lifestyle with a man made mountain attached to the pool. Women are in all areas of the mansion, romancing his friends. Nicki Minaj, though, is on her own and uninvited. Given the women’s purpose there is to pose and provide entertainment for the men, Minaj’s absence is a slap in the face. Her exclusion is based on the men being intimidated by her.

His girlfriend lounges around the courtyard, further undermining her argument, saving her excitement for the apology gift. In his apology, he continues to blame her and all but says that she needs to be pretty and quiet. She parrots back a lifeless “I love you” while thinking of friends of within his circle she can hook next.

Director: Gil Green  Year: 2016

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