Video Review: Ed Sheeran "Shape of You"

A young woman sits outside a boxing ring, pondering, She does sit-ups upside down on a punching bag and then wraps her wrist. She shadowboxes in the gym and then punches the bag.

Ed Sheeran strolls into the gym, carrying his duffel bag and hits every speed bag on the way to his locker. In the ring, the young woman is sparring with a man.

His trainer wraps his wrists and he hits the speed bag. He catches the glance of the young woman, who smiles at him. She works out in the corner, stretching. After practice, she opens her locker and bumps him on the side of the head. She apologizes right away and reaches for his forehead. He tells her he’s all right.

They walk together, pretending to beat each other up on the way home. They stop to eat a diner. She orders a salad and he gets a plate full of fried chicken and fries. He plops a piece of chicken on her dish and she takes some fries. Over them, a black-and-white photo of two boxers hangs on the wall.

They take a taxi back home and they hold hands.

They begin practicing together. They spar and help each other with sit-ups. He holds the punching bag for her. She gets him in the face and he picks her up, twirling her as they go to the wall. By the wall, they dance.

They work out together in their free time, jogging and sparring by the train. She kisses him by the steel fence.

At the gym, she drops off a picture and a box in her locker before leaving. When he arrives, he opens the box and sees her divide bracelet. He asks two other regulars at the gym about her. She waits for the train late into the night.

He runs down the street and increases his training. He runs alongside the train and shadowboxes in an old warehouse.

At the warehouse, his trainer puts hoodie on him. He pumps his arms through the crowd, who touches his arm. He sees his opponent – a Sumo wrestler. He puts on the suit and then begins the match. She chases him around in a circle and then hits him with his body, causing him to fall on the ground. She lifts him over her shoulder. He taps the ground and believes he sees his ex-girlfriend. She holds the belt over her head and then throws it.

His ex-girlfriend kicks the air, aiming for the Sumo wrestler’s face with her foot.

Rating: 3/5

The Sumo wrestling match Ed Sheeran picks up at the end to experience physical pain diminishes the training he did. It’s as though he was looking for a fight and searching for an outlet. Unfortunately, though, The Sumo wrestler treats him as a prop, lifting him in the air and letting him punch her breasts. It’s the videos lowest point as it takes a shortcut and finds an easy way out with the least amount of emotional risk.

Up until the Sumo match, the story had established that Sheeran had found someone he truly loved. She shared the same passion as him. He respected her for following her dream. But one day she quits and leaves town, breaking him. His training becomes intense, fueled with hurt and anger. All he wants is to be beat up by someone.

Then, she decides to come back at the last minute. Without any clue as to why she left, her sudden return is hollow. Sheeran put himself through aggressive training and it’s as though she came back from vacation.

Director: Jason Koening  Year: 2017

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