Video Review: Savage Garden "The Animal Song"

In the film clip from The Other Sister, Daniel (Giovanni Ribsi) pretends he is leading an orchestra in his family room. Carla (Juliette Lewis) sits on the couch, stumped. Daniel conducts a band rehearsal but is taken aback when they stand.

At a parade, Darren Hayes sees the beauty queen shaking the hands of the town mayor as he adjusts his tie. As we walks, a high school marching band plays as the color guard twirls their batons.

People set up chairs at certain points of the parade route.

In the clip, Carla jokes with her sister, Heather (Sarah Paulson). Carla shows off her duck costume.

During the parade, a man waves to the crowd, following the elephant. A high school marching band performs. The mayor and his wife wave to the crowd. A reporter follows the car, asking him a question. Hayes stands in the middle of a marching band, watching a piece of confetti blow past him. An acrobat lifts another in the air, holding him with his arms.

A young woman twirls a ribbon around her body as Hayes watches from a bench. The beauty queen blows a kiss to the crowd. A bumblebee float travels down the road. A person dressed as an apple bobs.

In the clip, Elizabeth (Diane Keaton) and her husband, Radley (Tom Skerritt) talk to Daniel before he takes their daughter out on a date. People dance at the wedding. Daniel slumps to the ground, defeated. Carla reads a book about sex and then gets hit with a tennis ball.

A marching band takes center stage at the parade. Hayes slouches on the bench. Local businessmen walk in a circle with their suitcases. Hayes grins as the young woman twirls the ribbon around him. A farmer waves from a float of hay.

Elizabeth teaches Carla how to dance. Daniel and Carla kiss, becoming a married couple.

A woman walks with two poodles, who stand on their hind legs. On their float, Carla laughs, touching Daniel’s arm. The police drives by on his motorcycle. Hayes bursts out laughing at the chipmunk float. Daniel and Carla hug, a sign over their car saying “Just Married” as they enter the parade.

Rating: 3.5/5

An expansion of The Other Sister’s ending credits, Savage Garden observe the parade that began that as a surprise and grew to be a celebration of love. High school marching bands, local businessmen support the couple. Considering the couple both have disabilities, it’s an important event. Often, people with disabilities are thought of as an other and face discrimination, which the title of the movie itself points out. However, Daniel and Carla overcome it and become independent.

While the video may be enlightened, the film clips show itself to be out of touch. Carla and Daniel are both child-like. Carla needs constant care from her mother and is not taken seriously by her sister, Heather. Meanwhile, Daniel, who is on his own, doesn’t seem to know what’s he doing.

The progressive video empowering the couple seems to be refuting the clips, providing a positive image after the presentation of each stereotype from the movie: Carla is capable of being a beauty queen, they both can work and not everyone will mock them.

Director: Jim Gable Year: 1999


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