Video Review: Meghan Trainor "Dear Future Husband"

Birds chirp in trees spread out evenly in a suburban neighborhood. On the immaculate emerald green lawn, is a small dining table for children. A little girl rides passes by the house on her bike.

In her bedroom, Meghan Trainor listens to a record on a turntable and sits on top of her bed. A stuffed donkey resting on a blanket sways on a wooden swing attached to a tree. Dolls and stuffed teddy bears sit in the chairs outside. A little girl runs to the sky blue chair to play tea party. Her best friend arranges the table.

Bachelor #1 , frozen in time, carries a life-sized heart-shaped box of chocolates.

At the kitchen counter, she prepares to cook with bowls full of ingredients in front of her. In her bedroom, a barbershop quartet performs. She kneads the dough.

In front of perfectly trimmed bushes, she sings with two background dancers behind her.

Back inside the house, she scrubs the kitchen floor.

Bachelor #1 arrives at the door, with his life-sized heart. On the stove, something is burning as she stirs sauce in a bowl. He cooks her a dinner of cube-sized fish with a dab of cherries. She pretends to be amazed. She pushes the plate to him and tells him she’s not hungry. He gives it back to her. Over her shoulder, he holds the fork to her mouth as she says “no.” She shoves the plate back to him with a bit of force and then walks away from the table. Fail, in a red box, is written over his face on the screen.

She is sprawled out on the bed, with a member of the barbershop quartet in each corner.

Bachelor #2 sits on a bench, holding flowers.

At the tea party, the little girl gives her best friend some flowers.

Bachelor #2 takes her to the fair. He decides to play High Striker. He hits the hammer several times, only reaching mid-way. She walks away. Fail is written over his head on the screen.

Trainor’s two best girlfriends check Tinder for her and slide to a profile. They “ooh” over his gorgeous looks.

Bachelor #3, a sailor, carries a present. He takes her kayaking. He gets up to belt a song, nearly causing the boat to capsize. She asks him to sit back down. She covers her mouth, nausea creeping into her throat. She throws up on the other side of the boat. Fail is written on the screen for him also.

She sits in the middle of the plastic pastel waves as the quartet does swimming motions with their arms.

At home, she sits on the couch with her best friends. They help her choose her next date on Tinder. They wave their arms in front of their necks when they see Bachelor #4 (Charlie Puth).

Members of the quartet dance one by one in front of the High Striker.

Puth arrives at the door with pizza. She pulls him in by the shirt and they begin their date.

Rating: 5/5

The subversive video points out how the ideal 1950s husband and wife roles were out of touch. Women were expected to stay at home and cook delicious gourmet meals while the men were supposed to be working at their jobs from 9 to 5. They had to be strong and aggressive while the women remained submissive, their opinions kept to themselves.

Meghan Trainor tries to cook a homemade meal. But her kitchen is disorganized and the food is burning on the stove. Cleaning up the floor, though, is met with grumbling and some playing with the sponge. She has to entertain herself somehow during the chore.

Finding a husband is supposed to be her most important goal in life. She meets a young man who cooks for her. However, he expects her to eat little and when she refuses, attempts to force feed it to her. After he tries to get to her eat his dinner again, she walks out. The dinner scene, though, hints towards rape. She shaking her head no while he continues to try to put it into her mouth. If he’s that aggressive regarding his meal, how he will be during sex?

The second young man puffs himself up as a strong man. However, his bragging catches him up with him as he can barely hit the hammer to the halfway mark. She leaves him, wondering if he exaggerated his job title as well.

Next, is the good-natured sailor who wants to burst into song. He stands up in the kayak and she beckons him to sit down. Then, she gets seasick and he trips over the edge. She chooses not to be his beard. However, the most telling is when the little girl gives her best friend a flower. Her best friend sniffs it appreciatively. Given it’s an adult gesture usually reserved significant others (or children towards an adult), the flower exchange changes context when it’s between two little girls. For the little girl, it’s a moment as a teenager she may remember that she knew. But for the era, its a part of her that she will have to hide.

Director: Fatima Robinson Year: 2015

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