Video Review: Ellie Goulding "On My Mind"

The neon cowboy sign is lit up in Las Vegas. In video footage, a cowboy rides a horse. Goulding stands topless and then her head superimposed over the various Las Vegas signs. Coins drop into a pile as she walks down a sea green lit hallway in a hotel.

She stands in a baby blue painted room in a man’s dress shirt and high heels.

In the golden bathroom, she studies her face. Her boyfriend comes up behind he and puts his arms around her. She remains emotionless as he touches her.

She sits at the end of the bed while he rolls his head.

She looks in the mirror as she finishes getting dressed and notices him watching her.

He sits on the stool at the counter, drinking in their hotel room.

She visits her friend, a woman who lives in a mobile home and has two horses.

While she sits on her bed, her boyfriend screams into her ear. He pushes the bed and scrunches his face. She’s worn out from his anger.

She returns back to Las Vegas, riding a horse with her best friend. They ride past the multiple casinos.

Back in the bathroom, her boyfriend chose out a dress for her and puts it against her body. During dinner, she eyes him as he presses his finger to his temple and juggles the glass of wine in his hand.

At the violet lit beauty salon, she and her friend sit under the hair dryer, their hair in curlers as one of the horses waits near an empty chair.

Her boyfriend leaves an ace card on his table and touches his nose. He sleeps with a co-worker in the kitchen. On the treadmill, he counts the cash he has stashed away and laundered.

Two men open the doors for she and her friend to enter the casino. They pass by senior citizens playing the slots and middle-aged women concentrating on the screen. Security footage shows them as they continue to the lobby.

With a baseball bat, her best friend hits a vase. Goulding carries a golden gun, given to her by her friend. Cartoon footage is seen of a door breaking. Her friend shoots the door open and he cowers in his desk chair.

He asks them what’s going on. Footage is seen of a cowboy riding a horse and a video screen stating “Game Over.” Her friend smashes the light bulb, causing his office to go dark.

Amid the crimson light, he is duct taped to the chair, screaming through the tape and wriggling to get out of the tape. His office has been ransacked.

As she and her friend return home, they let the money fly into the air. They carry guns as may they make their way into town. They sit on top of a roof, tossing the money away. Her friend randomly shoots at something.

In the baby blue room, she puts her hands on her head, shouting.

Rating: 5/5

Every time her boyfriend is near her, Ellie Goulding’s skin crawls. He has no boundaries, choosing to leer at her while getting dressed and invading her space even if she resists. A petulant tantrum occurs if she doesn’t pay attention to him. After a few drinks, he rages at her for simply being in the same room.

However, she suspects he is involved with shady dealings at the casino where he works. She became a spy in her own relationship, tracking him and observing his schedule. With her friend, they set up a plan after his repeated emotional and physical abuse towards her.

Robbing him, though was effortless. They were both able to overpower him and take money out his cabinets and drawers. They took it all, leaving him tied to the chair, unable to breathe from the duct tape.

They toss out the money, hoping it will find its way back to the people who were cheated out of it, and race the horses home, full of adrenaline after committing the crime. They believe no one will call the cops. It will mean the casino would have to confess to its wrongdoing. Her boyfriend is another leech that they will pretend didn’t exist and he will be found somewhere in pieces out by the highway.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2015


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