Video Review: Thalía & Fat Joe "I Want You"

On a basketball court, a guy says through a bullhorn announcing Thalía’s new song.

Fat Joe, driving slowly down the street, with people running alongside the car, fist bumps a little boy following him.

At the park, Fat Joe and some friends hang out by the steps while Thalía hangs back on the sidewalk, swaying. She giggles at something Fat Joe says.

After Fat Joe turns onto the next week, two boys are having a racing shopping carts, with one person in them. The boy on the right puts his arms out in victory.

She walks down the sidewalk, where two construction workers admire her body. She glances over her shoulder at them, smiling. Two other young men also watch her. She opens her jacket up.

A young man performs a jump with his bike. She stands in the center of the skate park, her jacket over her shoulders and hands on her denim capris as young men perform jumps.

In his individual shot, Fat Joe sings in front of a flaming orange sun.

She lounges in the park in her lawn chair, her stereo next to her. A few feet away from her, a man barbecues while another man does push-ups. A couple kisses.

Children wait for the man to make their hot dog order. A man sits in his lawn chair, plate full of fried chicken, smiling. Two little boys sit on a blanket behind him.

She dances by a steel fence with a crowd of people behind her. Two young women dance the bleachers. A young man dunks the basketball into the net. Another young man blocks a shot. Fat Joe stops by to watch. The players perform tricks with the ball.

Fat Joe slings his arm around Thalia on the sidewalk. She gives Fat Joe a hug.

She is awed by one of the young man who is able to throw the ball on his back and balance it.

At the playground, she sits on a swing. A little boy hands her a flower. Two girls play jump rope. The little boy puts his hands to his mouth, happy he was able to give her something. Thalia swings.

On the street corner, she turns on the fire hydrant, spraying one of her neighbors as he drives past in his car.

Rating: 3.5/5

In Thalía’s neighborhood, there’s a true sense of community. She hangs out with her neighbors at the park and watches their pick-up basketball games. There, she meets people from all over the city, who may live several dozen blocks away.

Even so, it’s a thriving city. Most people spend the summer day at the park. There, they cook and enjoy the weather. Every inch of the lawn is taken up by a blanket or a cooler. She may be by herself but she could still meet a few friends there.

However, the friendship and community is instilled first with Fat Joe and Thalía  . It extends simply being a collaboration. It’s a real friendship with plenty of history. She gives him a hug and he puts his arm around her, as though they have been working together for years instead of one song. It’s a friend supporting another with hopes of success.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2003


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