Video Review: Bananarama "Venus"

A young woman stands on top of the staircase in the scarlet red room, where her boyfriend sits on a chair, ignoring her presence. On the wall, is a painting called “The Venus Club.”

In the middle of a gushing volcano, Siobhan, Sara and Keren dance.

The young woman takes hold of her boyfriend and twirls him around.

On a mountain top, set by a golden tree is a goddess. Another goddess, presumably Venus, dressed in a white gown, stands by a column.

A prince opens a coffin, where a young woman lies. She unfolds her arms and her eyes blaze. She stands up and the prince takes her in his arms.

Among flames, a witch opens her cape, which has dozens of men underneath. Another goddess stands in a sea shell. After an explosion of smoke, a young woman, the devil, appears. The men below reach for her.

Siobhan, Sara and Keren dance against a white background with flames of orange light flickering.

The young woman, from the coffin, puts her arm around the prince’s neck, her teeth bared.

In the house, the young woman dances with her boyfriend. She shoves him away and poses.

Siobhan, Sara and Keren dance against the white background with electric blue light flickering and then yellow.

With the prince gone, the young woman dances around her coffin. The men dance around the witch in a circle.

Sparks emit from the volcano as the Siobhan, Sara and Keren take turns dancing.

The young woman bites the prince, killing him. The men carry the devil in their arms.

Rating: 4/5

With a mix of mythological creatures, the surreal world is sectioned off into heaven and hell. The goddesses reside near the clouds and the upper reaches of the mountains, untouched from below. They are figures of beauty and serve only to be honored.

The depths of hell, though, are where the devil and vampires live. The men survive on their lust and carnality, shedding as much clothes as possible to please their master. The witch keeps them as toys but the devil is one the who derives the pleasure. The vampire, though, only sees men as marks, taking advantage of their kindness towards her. Her first kill was her true love.

Bananarama dancing around the volcano, goofing off and having fun, lighten the horror elements as they camp it up as much as possible.

The only out of place scene is the young woman dancing with her boyfriend at home. After the goddesses and witches, a mere human is far too ordinary for the video.

Director: Peter Care Year: 1986



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