Video Review: Starley "Call On Me"

Starley rests her head on her pillow. She grins, first small and then wide. She moves the pillow up and closes her eyes.

She runs through a field. She stops and blows some bubbles. She falls onto the grass and spreads her arms and legs out in the shape of an angel.

She sits on top of a mountain, raising her hands over her head. She stands up, her hands up in the air, truimphant that she made it. She walks through a path made in the field.

She walks down the hill. On top of the mountain, she uses a tube to let out orange smoke. She runs through the path, orange smoke trailing behind her. She dances on top of the mountain. She stretches out and watches the water bubble in the cracks of the rocks. She walks by the railing.

In the pool, she waves a sparkler around as she steps out. On the mountain, she waves the sparkler around, illluminating the night sky.

Back in bed, she looks up and grins. She pumps her fist in the air, proud of herself.

Rating: 2/5

Starley’s personality rather than story, is presented. She finds inspiration as she hikes up the mountain and sits on top it, watching the waves hit the rocks below.  She’s goofy and content, as she seen resting in her bed. She’s content and a free spirit, as she blows bubbles and walks along the railing. Calm and relaxed, she’s known as the patient one among her family and friends.

To break the montony, she twirls orange smoke and sparklers, playing with light and shadow. The orange smoke is limited, considering it’s liquid ribbon. The random twirling creates a cloud over her. Meanwhile, the sparklers in by the steps of the pool is a tight space, leaving out other elements of the pool as the other lights.

Although she leaves a favorable first impression, the emphasis on her personality boxes her in too soon, serving as a prologue to a story that might not get finished.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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