Video Review: Amy Grant "Baby, Baby"

Amy Grant walks past a college campus, carrying her jacket over her shoulder. There, a young man gives his girlfriend a present. She shakes it, trying to figure out what’s inside it. She turns around and looks at the young man. The young man takes the present out his girlfriend’s hands and offers it to Grant instead. Grant continues to walk but tells him she’s not interested after he bends down on one knee. His girlfriend slaps him on the head and takes back the present. Grant rolls her eyes.

Against a white background with faded stripes, she dances and sings.

She says hello to a man fixing a kid’s truck on the street. He sits on it, trying to get her attention. He tips over and then finally carries it as he follows her. Grant puts her hands over her eyes, embarrassed for him.

Another young man offers her his puppy. She pets the puppy but turns him down after he bends down on one knee. He chases after her as she runs, carrying the puppy.

At home, she and her boyfriend cuddle as they dance. Underneath the kitchen table, they roll an orange back and forth to each other, moving closer to one another with every turn. They flap their arms like chicken wings in the family room.

On steps, they cross their legs at the same time. She slaps him on the hand. They rock to the music as he adjusts her hat.

During dinner, they feed each other spaghetti.

In black-and-white, they dance around the family room some more. She jumps on his back and he carries her. She falls on the couch. He throws her a cane but she is unable to catch it.

Her boyfriend joins her against the white background with faded stripes. He whispers in her ear and then puts his arms around her. She flexes her muscle.

At the carnival, they look at each other while they swing. They drive the bumper cars and ride into one another.

Against the white background, she raises her arm up to the music and he follows, grinning. She puts her hand over his mouth.  She points to the camera.

On the steps, they roll their arms in motion. Standing up, she gently beats his chest. She touches his chin and he sings along to the lyrics.

At the carnival, she puts her fingers on his lips.

Rating: 3.5/5

Amy Grant knows she won’t do any better than any her boyfriend. The other men who expressed interest took it such an extreme that she could only walk away, grateful she found a good guy. The unavailable guy who offered her a present was likely an egomaniac who saw his girlfriends as an extension of himself. The guy who wanted to give her  his puppy caused her question if he even felt love at all. The puppy seemed lonely in his arms but she couldn’t accept it. She could only pray that the puppy would find a forever home with a family full of children. Meanwhile, the guy who sat on the toy truck made her think if he had children or a wife but was pretending to be single.

She and her boyfriend have a lighthearted  and affectionate relationship. He helps her rehearse and create routines. In between, they play games and act out romantic scenes from Disney movies to see what it’s like in real life. They are, by definition, the cute couple who bucks the trends and opts for a creative twist instead.

Director: D.J. Webster Year: 1991


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