Video Review: Ne-Yo & Juicy J "She Knows"

Off white lights flash on the basketball court as Ne-Yo winks and puts on his sunglasses. In scarlet red light, strippers from both on the left and right side stretch and twist on the poles.  Basketball nets are set up in each corner.

At the Dollar Maxx, a store clerk is stocking shelves. The next aisle over, Ne-Yo is browsing through the packaged juices. As he passes through the hair care products aisle, he sees a stripper dancing on the pole. He does a double take and then cranes his neck to watch her. He gives the camera a look of disbelief. The stripper walks on air. A fortysomething woman admires her.

The store clerk, carrying several boxes of candy, drops them in surprise when he sees the stripper. Then he begins to dance.

At the library, the librarian sits at her desk. looking through papers. Ne-Yo walks as he reads a book. He looks up and sees two strippers dancing on a pole. He looks at the young woman reading a book to see if she noticed. He shakes his head in awe and grins when the strippers balance on top of each other’s legs. The librarian sees the strippers hold each other and she throws her papers in the air. She starts to dance.

On a lawn, three people are having a picnic. Ne-Yo takes off his glasses when he sees the stripper a few feet away from them. He asks the people if they know anything about her. The woman shrugs.

Juicy J joins Ne-Yo on the basketball court.

In his office, Juicy J counts his money and drinks. By his door, a stripper dances on a pole. Three other men watch her.  Ne-Yo pauses by the doorway as she turns her legs.

Back on the basketball court, a crowd of woman dance behind him. They tap the stripper’s butts and clap for them.

Ne-Yo turns around, facing the strippers on the basketball court. The other women have left. The court fades to black.

Rating: 0/5

The old boys’ club has found its recruitment video, reminding men to put women in their place. Their sexuality determines their worth, not their brains.

In each section, the strippers provide entertainment as the either the men shop or read. Other women view them as aspirational and liberating figures. For the women, who are older and have a regular job, they are seen as ordinary.

However, it’s in the office where male executives use the strippers as a perk.  Not a single woman is featured working there. They are best kept in careers for their gender, like a librarian. It gives a middle finger to the glass ceiling, hard wiring it shut, certain a woman won’t be able to get break through. It’s a slap in the face.

Director: Emil Nava  Year: 2014

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