Video Review: Jess Glynne "Take Me Home"

Sitting naked on a royal blue loveseat, Jess Glynne leans forward, resting her elbows on her knees, pondering.

Against a taffy pink curtain, she stands, holding one hand over the other.

In the ashy light of her apartment, she leans forward on the chair, rubbing her arm against her shoulder.

She gulps and her nose flares, as she tries to keep it together while she continues to stand against the taffy pink curtain.

Against the wall, near the bathroom, she leans against the chilly wall.

Back against the taffy pink curtain, she counts out to three on her fingers.

Near the bathroom, she turns right, closing her eyes, the palm of her hands facing together.

Downcast, she points two fingers on both sides of her chin as she stands against the taffy pink curtain.

The room darkens as she sits naked in the loveseat.

Against the taffy pink curtain, the lights have been turned off. She closes her eyes, holding back tears. When they turn back on, she composes herself and folds her palms together in prayer, resting them on her nose. She gulps again, the weight of her emotions upon her. She stops to catch her breath after singing and stares blankly for a second or so.

The room lightens up again as and she leans forward, her elbows touching her knees.

Against the taffy pink curtains, the tears start to flow and she covers her face with her hands. She looks to the right, eyes stinging and finds her breath again. She gulps back tears and shakes, her chin quivering.

Rating: 5/5

After showering in her new home, she thinks of her life in the past year and unburdens herself from the pain and stress which has been festering inside her. She leans against the bathroom, thinking of the boyfriend who dropped her after she lost her job.

She sits on the loveseat, remembering not long ago, she didn’t feel whole and less of a person. She didn’t believe she would make it through.

Standing naked in the family room with the taffy pink curtains, the emotion overwhelms her and despite her wanting to control it, it floods from every pore in her body. She has no choice but to feel it.

Raw and unflinching, she remains nude, similar to an newborn as she begins again. Scared and alone, there is still doubt. She prays for another chance, promising not to take for it granted.

Director: N/A  Year: 2015

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