Video Review: Michelle Branch "Everywhere"

Inside her apartment located in the city, Michelle Branch looks the window to the building across from her.

She sits on the top of her couch in her clean family room that has a desk with an aqua blue  2000 Mac computer on it. There’s a second desk in the corner, which props up her bicycle. She flops on the couch and then puts some clothes in a basket.

As she sits on one of her chairs, she plays guitar in front of the window.

Across from her, a young man is organizing his magazines and looking through his records. She takes a photo with her camera. He looks towards her and she drops the photo.

By her desk in the corner, she places another photo of him on the wall. He opens his magazine but continues to look towards her.

She stands up, playing her guitar, her back to the window.

Later that night, the young man attends his neighbor’s party. She watches from afar, imagining she is the lead singer of the band, which is playing. He nods to her music and then passes by her, staring at her on his way to get another drink. Meanwhile, a couple kisses on the couch and a young woman jumps up and down on a trampoline.

From her window, she sees a couple get in bed. The boyfriend turns the lamp off as they watch television for a while.

The next morning, the young man walks down his neighbor’s hallway as he and his girlfriend eat breakfast. They clink glasses. The young man spots her through the window.

She sees walk down the street and stands on her tip toes to get a better view. He looks up again at her. She grabs a jacket and races down the stairs.  She runs to the middle of the street and then slows down, trying to see if he’s somewhere close by.

Outside, she stands on the balcony, playing her guitar.

On the street, she continues to look up, wondering if he returned back home. However, he’s in her apartment building in the room below. He stands against a painting of forest green branches. She stands against the same background.

She walks back up stairs to her apartment, defeated. Standing by her window, waiting is the young man. She smiles when she notices him there.

She looks out her apartment window one more time.

Rating: 3/5

Michelle Branch’s obsession with the guy who lives across from her, one building over, borders on naive rather than weird. The photographs are the one way she can see him all the time. It’s as though she’s hasn’t realized how it may come across. Even as she monitors his movements, it’s out of curiosity.

However, there is some interest on his part. He stares through the window, glancing at her every so often also. The silent communication between them suggests an unspoken relationship has formed but due to circumstances, they are unable to meet and really get to know each other.

Branch waits for her chance to talk to him. When she sees him walk down the street, she bolts. No actual real world way exists for them to meet  – no mutual friends or job. Spying is the only way to find the opportunity.

Seeing them together at the end is a hard-won moment. Both have been trying and haven’t really been succeeding. They’ve been reduced to unconventional ways to find each other, worrying their friends if a court order is going to be involved. The young man has been wanting something more than glances in the window. He would like an actual conversation with her.

Director: Liz Friedlander Year: 2001

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