Video Review: Nico & Vinz, Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha "That’s How You Know"

Lying on the couch, Vinz says, in disbelief, “you never heard of us?” Nico refuses to look in the therapist’s direction.

With pen in hand and a notebook, the therapist apologizes and says no. He asks if they are rappers. Vinz sighs and Nico shakes his head. They break into the chorus of their hit single, “Am I Wrong.” The therapist provides the background vocals and then trolls them by saying he doesn’t know the song. Then, he says he wants to know what brought them in to him.

Vinz sighs again and turns towards Nico, responding that they screwed up.

A toilet bowl has the song’s title written in Alpha-Bits. A woman hangs onto the seat as she throws up. Vinz holds her hair, his hand over his nose. Vinz walks out of the bathroom and past the bedroom, where a man is tied down to the bed, two women are standing over him. One woman tightens the rope.

In the hallway, lit in an ultramarine blue, he puts on a helmet and bobsleds down the staircase, breaking the railing. He falls on the floor.

A man, with a needle, pierces Bebe Rexha in the heart. She springs alive, puts on her jacket and walks around the house, the needle sticking out of her chest.  She flops down on the couch, the room lit a citrus orange as a stripper dances on a pole and a man throws candy at her.

In the game room, a fight breaks out between two men. Another man shoots his gun at three womens’ head, the target on top of their hair. He kills the last woman. A shirtless man, wearing only black underwear, runs down the hall and crashes through the wall, landing into the backyard.

In the foamy pool, Vinz stands up on a kayak with a haughty woman watching him. On the sides, men drink and pour liquor into the pool. The women, sitting by the pool, their legs in the water, dance in place.

Vinz walks to Nico, who is sitting on a cannon, fires a shot. Kid Ink, whose face is photoshopped onto little boys’ body, raps as he is carried by two men. They pass a bouncy house and put in a toy luxury car.

Nico, Vinz and Rexha dance by the pool.

Back at therapist’s office, they finish singing on the couch. The therapist takes down some notes.

Vinz and Rexha dance some more at the pool.

Rating: 0/5

Nico and Vinz may have stopped taking their career seriously, coasting on their one hit. Alpha-Bits, though, may not like being associated with nausea and toilet bowls. They may not even be the brand. However, it’s the name most people would think of when they see letters and cereal together.

Caked in sleaze, the various characters party in what seems to be a chaotic drug house, with people overdosing (Bebe Rexha) and likely getting alcohol poisoning, from either drinking or ingesting it in the pool. The trashed house has broken railings and a giant hole in the wall. There is not an area that seems to be clean. Sitting on anything would be risky and an infection could be had on the skin, if left bare.

The graphic design seems to be from someone who self-taught themselves, lied about their credentials on their resume on a freelance site and flipped through a portfolio of bunch of images from Google to impress the band. However, it then appears as though it was fixed by a professional, after firing the lying freelancer, who does the best they can.

Directors: RJ Collins & Pasqual Gutierrez Year: 2015

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