Video Review: 5 Seconds of Summer "Hey Everybody!"

A older man intones that during the summer of 2015, “four hard-working lads from Australia” worked crummy, low-paying jobs to pay the rent. Calum hangs onto to least seven dogs, some of who are walking him, down the sidewalk. Ashton winces as he puts on the dinosaur head while the father rubs his hands together. The father introduces Ashton to the kids, sitting outside enjoying birthday cake.  They cheer. Ashton weakly growls.

The older man narrates as Michael, dressed up as a hot dog, adverising the fast food place on the street corner, calls out “hot dogs!” that they wanted something more for themselves and be comfortable. Luke rubs his eye at he gets chewed out by his boss for filling out an expense report wrong.

In front of a mansion, a butler tosses out money from his hands as Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael grab it. Wearing white bathrobes, they move around in the spacious backyard on Segways.

From inside a warehouse, the band plays.

Michael throws the sign on the pavement. Luke plays with some yarn and spins in his chair around the cubicles. Calum opens his pockets and the word “Broke” appears on the screen. Ashton dances for the kids. Michael pretends the hot dog is a guitar and then puts it between his legs.

The human resource person hands Luke his check, which reads 41 cents. The word “broke” appears on the screen again.

The butler tosses the ball in the courtyard and they drive their Segways to hit the ball while they play croquet. Afterwards, the butler sweeps the lawn of the money. Calum, still in his bathrobe, hires an artist to paint a portrait of him.  A band plays bagpipes and Michael stands on a statue, dancing.

Taped in white, they barrel down a home made Slip ‘N Slide.  They fan themselves with money.

In a section of the warehouse, they put their face in the front of the camera and wave the money around. 5$o$, written in gold, appears on the screen.

The word “Broke” covers Michael’s mouth. Someone throws stuff at him. The kids toss pretzels at him and then run towards him. He waves his hands in front of them, saying “no, no, no.” The kids knock him down and he scurries out from underneath them. The word “broke” appears on the screen.

Dressed up as various animals, they walk down the outside stairs of the mansion. There, they enter the maze and become a part of video game. They chase each other.

In a ring set up outside, they challenge their favorite wrestlers to a match and knock them out with their fists and a chair.

The butlers dances with a tray of food.

Luke throws his files on the floor. Ashton tosses the cake on the ground. Michael drops the sign and Calum stands against the wall.

Bikers clap for them as they compete against each other in the ring.

In the jacuzzi, they relax with the wrestlers and order several pizzas. The band jumps in the pool. The butler waves goodbye to them as they leave.

Out in the street, their pockets hang out.

The older man intones that after some time, “all the lads’ dreams came true.” Luke started his own business, Michael owned several food trucks, Ashton became a mascot for a basketball team in Canada and Calum was able to get his a dog training show picked up on cable.

Rating: 4/5

The soul-crushing jobs eat away at a person’s self-esteem, bringing on misery and resentment. Even though they are young, they know that they can get trapped in the low-paying jobs. They know they are capable of something more and want to reach their potential.

But it’s a double-edged sword. Less money means less opportunity and more hours working. There isn’t time to catch up on television shows or read. However, the need to get out of the job is the motivation. The only way to get through it is to hang in there, mutter “I hate this job” to get it out and then use it after the six to eight hour day is done.

Staying in a bathrobe all day long while riding a Segway is living without the worry, which is well-earned after the endless hours at a horrible job.

Director: N/A Year: 2015

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