Video Review: Kelly Clarkson "Invincible"

An off-white rectangular block hovers over a rooftop while another two others levitates over the sand and the pavement, leading to a house.

Kelly Clarkson sings in a vacant warehouse.

In the block, a human presses her hands against the wall, trying to get out.

She walks over to the emerald green vintage couch and continues to sing.

More blocks float over a parking lot near a convenience store and some street art.

The people inside bang the wall. She hits the wall with her fist in the warehouse.

By the ocean, cracks form in the block, splitting and breaking into tiny golden slivers. A woman in a white dress emerges, smiling. The woman pounds her chest.

In the warehouse, a row of blocks surround her.

Another block hangs over the floor of a bedroom as another floats in an art museum.

The block by the street art begins to crack. More people hit the walls of the blocks. A young woman in a wheelchair materializes at the museum. In the bedroom, the block bursts open and a young woman stands up. A woman kneels in the parking lot of the convenience as the woman by the street breathes a sigh of relief.

At the warehouse, she raises her arms and the blocks around her break. Several women then begin to dance with her.

All the women, recently freed from their blocks, dance.

The women in the bedroom, the convenience store and the porch recover as they adjust as they view the world again. The women grip their hands (or the back of the wheelchair) and face backward. The woman near the street art leans against the wall and pushes her hair back.

The woman from the bedroom, the women in the wheelchair and Clarkson lift their heads up at the same time.

The woman by the porch, the woman in the wheelchair and the woman in the parking lot all run.

Clarkson head bangs in the warehouse.

The woman on the rooftop pumps her fist.

Clarkson hits the wall again.

A majority of the women featured dance (minus the woman in the wheelchair). Then, they are all seen again, smiling, including Clarkson.

Rating: 2/5

The women all experience the same reaction to letting go of their doubts about themselves. They dance and smile. A few of them aren’t sure what to do and have a faraway look in their eyes.

The woman by the street art manages to distinguish herself by processing the complex emotions going on within her. She leans against the wall, still, breathing slowly after the initial adrenaline wears off. When most of the women are gripping their hands, she’s overcome with panic. Getting out of the block was the first step. There is everyday life to handle. She knows she’s at the difficult part.

The instant boost of self-esteem, though, for the young women, seems premature. It’s as though they are celebrating a new version of themselves that hasn’t fully formed yet. They may be scrambling for the block again soon.

Kelly Clarkson has a tough skin, which has taken years to harden. In between, the box may have been welcoming again. Nonetheless, her peaceful smile is the only one that is fitting.

Director: Alon Isocianu Year: 2015

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